Bug 1193224 - Remove vestigial --tests-root-dir option from xpcshell tests, r=ahal
☠☠ backed out by 5a8d86582839 ☠ ☠
authorJames Graham <james@hoppipolla.co.uk>
Tue, 18 Aug 2015 17:42:03 +0100
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Bug 1193224 - Remove vestigial --tests-root-dir option from xpcshell tests, r=ahal
--- a/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
@@ -157,17 +157,16 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
             'xpcshell': self.get_binary_path('xpcshell'),
             'mozInfo': os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'mozinfo.json'),
             'symbolsPath': os.path.join(self.distdir, 'crashreporter-symbols'),
             'interactive': interactive,
             'keepGoing': keep_going,
             'logfiles': False,
             'sequential': sequential,
             'shuffle': shuffle,
-            'testsRootDir': tests_dir,
             'testingModulesDir': modules_dir,
             'profileName': 'firefox',
             'verbose': verbose or single_test,
             'xunitFilename': os.path.join(self.statedir, 'xpchsell.xunit.xml'),
             'xunitName': 'xpcshell',
             'pluginsPath': os.path.join(self.distdir, 'plugins'),
             'debugger': debugger,
             'debuggerArgs': debuggerArgs,
@@ -383,17 +382,16 @@ class B2GXPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
         options.localLib = self.bin_dir
         options.localBin = self.bin_dir
         options.logdir = self.xpcshell_dir
         options.manifest = os.path.join(self.xpcshell_dir, 'xpcshell.ini')
         options.mozInfo = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'mozinfo.json')
         options.objdir = self.topobjdir
         options.symbolsPath = os.path.join(self.distdir, 'crashreporter-symbols'),
         options.testingModulesDir = os.path.join(self.tests_dir, 'modules')
-        options.testsRootDir = self.xpcshell_dir
         options.testPath = test_path
         options.use_device_libs = True
         options.emulator = 'arm'
         if device_name.startswith('emulator'):
             if 'x86' in device_name:
                 options.emulator = 'x86'
--- a/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
@@ -95,17 +95,17 @@ def cleanup_encoding(s):
 """ Control-C handling """
 gotSIGINT = False
 def markGotSIGINT(signum, stackFrame):
     global gotSIGINT
     gotSIGINT = True
 class XPCShellTestThread(Thread):
     def __init__(self, test_object, event, cleanup_dir_list, retry=True,
-            tests_root_dir=None, app_dir_key=None, interactive=False,
+            app_dir_key=None, interactive=False,
             verbose=False, pStdout=None, pStderr=None, keep_going=False,
             log=None, **kwargs):
         self.daemon = True
         self.test_object = test_object
         self.cleanup_dir_list = cleanup_dir_list
         self.retry = retry
@@ -125,17 +125,16 @@ class XPCShellTestThread(Thread):
         self.env = copy.deepcopy(kwargs.get('env'))
         self.symbolsPath = kwargs.get('symbolsPath')
         self.logfiles = kwargs.get('logfiles')
         self.xpcshell = kwargs.get('xpcshell')
         self.xpcsRunArgs = kwargs.get('xpcsRunArgs')
         self.failureManifest = kwargs.get('failureManifest')
         self.stack_fixer_function = kwargs.get('stack_fixer_function')
-        self.tests_root_dir = tests_root_dir
         self.app_dir_key = app_dir_key
         self.interactive = interactive
         self.verbose = verbose
         self.pStdout = pStdout
         self.pStderr = pStderr
         self.keep_going = keep_going
         self.log = log
@@ -1039,23 +1038,23 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
         its path and the source manifest."""
         relpath_key = 'file_relpath' if 'file_relpath' in test_object else 'relpath'
         path = test_object[relpath_key].replace('\\', '/');
         if 'dupe-manifest' in test_object and 'ancestor-manifest' in test_object:
             return '%s:%s' % (os.path.basename(test_object['ancestor-manifest']), path)
         return path
-    def runTests(self, xpcshell, xrePath=None, appPath=None, symbolsPath=None,
+    def runTests(self, xpcshell=None, xrePath=None, appPath=None, symbolsPath=None,
                  manifest=None, testdirs=None, testPath=None, mobileArgs=None,
                  interactive=False, verbose=False, keepGoing=False, logfiles=True,
                  thisChunk=1, totalChunks=1, debugger=None,
                  debuggerArgs=None, debuggerInteractive=False,
                  profileName=None, mozInfo=None, sequential=False, shuffle=False,
-                 testsRootDir=None, testingModulesDir=None, pluginsPath=None,
+                 testingModulesDir=None, pluginsPath=None,
                  testClass=XPCShellTestThread, failureManifest=None,
                  log=None, stream=None, jsDebugger=False, jsDebuggerPort=0,
                  test_tags=None, dump_tests=None, utility_path=None, **otherOptions):
         """Run xpcshell tests.
         |xpcshell|, is the xpcshell executable to use to run the tests.
         |xrePath|, if provided, is the path to the XRE to use.
         |appPath|, if provided, is the path to an application directory.
@@ -1078,18 +1077,16 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
           to launch xpcshell.
         |debuggerArgs|, if set, specifies arguments to use with the debugger.
         |debuggerInteractive|, if set, allows the debugger to be run in interactive
         |profileName|, if set, specifies the name of the application for the profile
           directory if running only a subset of tests.
         |mozInfo|, if set, specifies specifies build configuration information, either as a filename containing JSON, or a dict.
         |shuffle|, if True, execute tests in random order.
-        |testsRootDir|, absolute path to root directory of all tests. This is used
-          by xUnit generation to determine the package name of the tests.
         |testingModulesDir|, if provided, specifies where JS modules reside.
           xpcshell will register a resource handler mapping this path.
         |otherOptions| may be present for the convenience of subclasses
         global gotSIGINT
         if testdirs is None:
@@ -1274,23 +1271,20 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
             # are re-run.
             path = test_object['path']
             test_object['id'] = self.makeTestId(test_object)
             if self.singleFile and not path.endswith(self.singleFile):
-            if self.testPath and path.find(self.testPath) == -1:
-                continue
             self.testCount += 1
             test = testClass(test_object, self.event, self.cleanup_dir_list,
-                    tests_root_dir=testsRootDir, app_dir_key=appDirKey,
+                    app_dir_key=appDirKey,
                     verbose=verbose or test_object.get("verbose") == "true",
                     pStdout=pStdout, pStderr=pStderr,
                     keep_going=keepGoing, log=self.log,
                     mobileArgs=mobileArgs, **kwargs)
             if 'run-sequentially' in test_object or self.sequential:
@@ -1372,17 +1366,17 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
                 keep_going = test.keep_going
         # retry tests that failed when run in parallel
         if self.try_again_list:
             self.log.info("Retrying tests that failed when run in parallel.")
         for test_object in self.try_again_list:
             test = testClass(test_object, self.event, self.cleanup_dir_list,
-                    retry=False, tests_root_dir=testsRootDir,
+                    retry=False,
                     app_dir_key=appDirKey, interactive=interactive,
                     verbose=verbose, pStdout=pStdout, pStderr=pStderr,
                     keep_going=keepGoing, log=self.log, mobileArgs=mobileArgs,
             # did the test encounter any exception?
@@ -1459,19 +1453,16 @@ class XPCShellOptions(OptionParser):
                         action="store_false", dest="logfiles",
                         help="don't create log files")
                         action="store_true", dest="sequential", default=False,
                         help="Run all tests sequentially")
                         type="string", dest="testPath", default=None,
                         help="single path and/or test filename to test")
-        self.add_option("--tests-root-dir",
-                        type="string", dest="testsRootDir", default=None,
-                        help="absolute path to directory where all tests are located. this is typically $(objdir)/_tests")
                         dest="testingModulesDir", default=None,
                         help="Directory where testing modules are located.")
                         type="string", dest="pluginsPath", default=None,
                         help="Path to the location of a plugins directory containing the test plugin or plugins required for tests. "
                              "By default xpcshell's dir svc provider returns gre/plugins. Use test-plugin-path to add a directory "
                              "to return for NS_APP_PLUGINS_DIR_LIST when queried.")
--- a/testing/xpcshell/selftest.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/selftest.py
@@ -417,17 +417,16 @@ tail =
         Assert that self.x.runTests with manifest=self.manifest
         returns |expected|.
-                                          testsRootDir=self.tempdir,
                           msg="""Tests should have %s, log:
 """ % ("passed" if expected else "failed", self.log.getvalue()))