Bug 1324669 - stylo: Downgrade SMIL assertion even further to a non-test-failing warning. r=me
☠☠ backed out by 65214bd89ad4 ☠ ☠
authorCameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Tue, 31 Jan 2017 23:36:12 +0800
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Bug 1324669 - stylo: Downgrade SMIL assertion even further to a non-test-failing warning. r=me MozReview-Commit-ID: 5fk6C9qaOgW
--- a/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -163,18 +163,18 @@ load 815500.html
 load 816253.html
 load 819014.html
 load 822691.html
 load 822723.html
 load 824719.html
 load 827190.html
 load 828054.html
 load 828903.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 829428.html # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 830098.html # bug 1324669
+load 829428.html
+load 830098.html
 load 831287.html
 load 832644.html
 load 836890.html
 load 838489-1.html
 load 838489-2.html
 load 841205.html
 load 844404.html
 load 845093-1.html
--- a/dom/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -51,17 +51,17 @@ load 680922-1.xul
 load 682058.xhtml
 load 682460.html
 load 738744.xhtml
 asserts-if(stylo,6-30) load 741218.json # bug 1324634
 load 741250.xhtml
 load 795221-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 795221-2.html # bug 1324702
 load 795221-3.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 795221-4.html # bug 1324669
+load 795221-4.html
 load 795221-5.xml
 load 811226.html
 load 819745.html
 load 828180.html
 pref(dom.experimental_forms,true) load 828472.html
 load 837033.html
 asserts-if(stylo,3) load 838256-1.html # bug 1324671
 load 862084.html
--- a/dom/smil/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/smil/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -18,18 +18,18 @@ load 554202-2.svg
 load 555026-1.svg
 load 556841-1.svg
 load 572938-1.svg
 load 572938-2.svg
 load 572938-3.svg
 load 572938-4.svg
 load 588287-1.svg
 load 588287-2.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 590425-1.html # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,1-27) load 592477-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 590425-1.html
+load 592477-1.xhtml
 load 594653-1.svg
 load 596796-1.svg
 load 605345-1.svg
 load 606101-1.svg
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 608295-1.html # bug 1324689
 load 608549-1.svg
 load 611927-1.svg
 load 615002-1.svg
--- a/dom/smil/nsSMILAnimationController.cpp
+++ b/dom/smil/nsSMILAnimationController.cpp
@@ -318,17 +318,17 @@ nsSMILAnimationController::DoSample(bool
     NS_ERROR("Shouldn't be recursively sampling");
   bool isStyleFlushNeeded = mResampleNeeded;
   mResampleNeeded = false;
   if (mDocument->IsStyledByServo()) {
-    NS_ERROR("stylo: SMIL animations not supported yet");
+    NS_WARNING("stylo: SMIL animations not supported yet");
   // Set running sample flag -- do this before flushing styles so that when we
   // flush styles we don't end up requesting extra samples
   AutoRestore<bool> autoRestoreRunningSample(mRunningSample);
   mRunningSample = true;
--- a/dom/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
 asserts(0-6) load 307322-1.svg # bug 563481
 load 327705-1.svg
 load 336994-1.html
 load 344888-1.svg
 load 345445-1.svg
 load 360836-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 367357-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 367357-1.xhtml
 load 369051-1.svg
 load 369249-1.svg
 load 369291-1.svg
 load 369291-2.svg
 load 369568-1.svg
 load 372046-1.svg
 load 372046-2.svg
 load 374882-1.svg
@@ -70,21 +70,21 @@ load 880544-1.svg
 load 880544-2.svg
 load 880544-3.svg
 load 880544-4.svg
 load 880544-5.svg
 load 898915-1.svg
 load 1035248-1.svg
 load 1035248-2.svg
 load 1244898-1.xhtml
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 1250725.html # bug 1324669
+load 1250725.html
 load 1267272-1.svg
 load 1282985-1.svg
 # Disabled for now due to it taking a very long time to run - bug 1259356
 #load long-clipPath-reference-chain.svg
 load zero-size-image.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 1322286.html # bug 1324669
+load 1322286.html
 load 1329849-1.svg
 load 1329849-2.svg
 load 1329849-3.svg
 load 1329849-4.svg
 load 1329849-5.svg
 load 1329849-6.svg
--- a/editor/libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/libeditor/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 load 336081-1.xhtml
-asserts-if(stylo,2-3) load 336104.html # bug 1324669
+load 336104.html
 load 382527-1.html
 load 382778-1.html
 load 402172-1.html
 load 403965-1.xhtml
 load 407074-1.html
 load 407079-1.html
 load 407256-1.html
 load 407277-1.html
--- a/gfx/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/gfx/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -109,27 +109,27 @@ load 768079-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 783041-1.html # bug 1324661
 load 783041-2.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 783041-3.html # bug 1324671
 load 783041-4.html
 load 798853.html # bug 868792
 load 805760-1.html
 skip-if(Android) load 815489.html # bug 1216304
 load 836225-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 839745-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 839745-1.html
 load 856784-1.html
 load 893572-1.html
 load 893572-2.html
 load 893572-3.html
 load 893572-4.html
 pref(layers.force-active,true) load 914457-1.html
 load 944579.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 944579.html # bug 1324669
+load 944579.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) pref(security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy,false) load 950000.html # bug 1324700
 load 1034403-1.html
 load 1205900.html
 load 1134549-1.svg
 load balinese-letter-spacing.html
 load 1216832-1.html
 load 1225125-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 1308394.html # bug 1324669
+load 1308394.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 1317403-1.html # bug 1331533
 load 1325159-1.html
--- a/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -217,17 +217,17 @@ load 404721-1.xhtml
 load 404721-2.xhtml
 load 405049-1.xul
 load 405184-1.xhtml
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 405186-1.xhtml # bug 1324661
 load 406675-1.html
 load 408292.html
 load 408299.html
 load 408450-1.xhtml
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 409461-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 409461-1.xhtml
 load 409513.html
 load 410967.html
 load 411870-1.html
 load 412651-1.html
 load 413587-1.svg
 load 414058-1.html
 load 414175-1.xul
 load 415503.xhtml
@@ -238,17 +238,17 @@ load 420213-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 420219-1.html # bug 1323652
 load 420651-1.xhtml
 load 421203-1.xul
 load 421432.html
 load 422276.html
 asserts(0-1) load 423107-1.xhtml # bug 866955
 load 425981-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 428113.xhtml # bug 1329454
-asserts-if(stylo,1) load 428138-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 428138-1.html
 load 428448-1.html
 load 429088-1.html
 load 429088-2.html
 load 429780-1.xhtml
 load 429865-1.html
 load 429881.html
 load 430569-1.html
 load 430569-2.html
@@ -320,17 +320,17 @@ load 496011-1.xhtml
 load 497519-1.xhtml
 load 497519-2.xhtml
 load 497519-3.xhtml
 load 497519-4.xhtml
 load 499741-1.xhtml
 load 499841-1.xhtml
 load 499858-1.xhtml
 load 500467-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 501878-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 501878-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,4) load 503936-1.html # bug 1324658
 load 507119.html
 load 514104-1.xul
 load 522374-1.html
 load 522374-2.html
 load 526378-1.xul
 load 534367-1.xhtml
 load 534368-1.xhtml
@@ -371,17 +371,17 @@ load 580834-1.xhtml
 asserts-if(stylo,25) load 589787.html # bug 1324665
 load 591075-1.html
 load 591998-1.html
 load 595039-1.html
 load 597924-1.html
 load 606432-1.html
 load 609821-1.xhtml
 load 613817-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 615146-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 615146-1.html
 load 615781-1.xhtml
 load 616495-single-side-composite-color-border.html
 load 629035-1.html
 load 629908-1.html
 load 635329.html
 load 636229-1.html
 == 640272.html 640272-ref.html
 load 645193.html
@@ -457,17 +457,17 @@ load 931464.html
 load 935765-1.html
 load 936988-1.html
 load 942690.html
 load 973390-1.html
 load 1001237.html
 load 1009036.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 1043163-1.html # bug 1324647
 load 1061028.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2-3) load 1107508-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 1107508-1.html
 load 1116104.html
 load 1127198-1.html
 load 1140198.html
 load 1143535.html
 pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1156588.html
 load 1162813.xul
 load 1163583.html
 load 1234622-1.html
--- a/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -181,18 +181,18 @@ asserts(0-2) load 398332-3.html # bug 43
 load 399407-1.xhtml
 load 399412-1.html
 load 399843-1.html
 load 400078-1.html
 load 400190.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 400223-1.html # bug 1323652
 load 400232-1.html
 load 400244-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 400768-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 400768-2.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 400768-1.xhtml
+load 400768-2.xhtml
 load 401042-1.xhtml
 load 402380-1.html
 load 402380-2.html
 load 402872-1.html
 load 402872-2.html
 load 403004.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 403143-1.html # bug 1323652
 load 403576-1.html
@@ -237,17 +237,17 @@ skip-if(stylo) load 413712-1.xhtml # bug
 load 414061-1.html
 load 414180-1.xul
 load 414719-1.html
 load 415685-1.html
 load 416165.html
 load 416264-1.html
 load 416476-1.html
 load 417109-1.xhtml
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 417848-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 417848-1.xhtml
 load 417902-1.html
 load 417902-2.html
 load 418532-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 418932-1.html # bug 1324665
 load 419352.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 420000-1.html # bug 1330259
 load 420718.html
 load 420785-1.xhtml
@@ -277,17 +277,17 @@ load 431260-1.html
 load 431260-2.html
 load 435529.html
 load 436194-1.html
 load 436602-1.html
 load 436822-1.html
 load 436823.html
 load 436969-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 437156-1.html # bug 1323652
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 437565-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 437565-1.xhtml
 load 437565-2.xhtml
 load 437565-3.xhtml
 load 438259-1.html
 load 438266-1.html
 skip load 438509-1.html # bug 511234
 load 442860-1.xul
 load 443528-1.html
 load 444230-1.html
@@ -419,32 +419,32 @@ asserts(0-4) load 578977.html # bug 7573
 load 580504-1.xhtml
 load 585598-1.xhtml
 load 586806-1.html
 load 586806-2.html
 load 586806-3.html
 load 586973-1.html
 load 589002-1.html
 load 590404.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 591141.html # bug 1324669
+load 591141.html
 load 592118.html
 load 594808-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,4) load 595435-1.xhtml # bug 1324640
 load 595740-1.html
 load 597240-1.xhtml
 pref(layout.float-fragments-inside-column.enabled,true) load 600100.xhtml
 pref(layout.float-fragments-inside-column.enabled,false) load 600100.xhtml
 load 603490-1.html
 load 603510-1.html
 load 604314-1.html
 load 604843.html
 load 605340.html
 load 606642.xhtml
 load 613455-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 613629-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 613629-1.xhtml
 load 616052-1.html
 load 619021.html
 load 621424-1.html
 load 621841-1.html
 load 622596.html
 load 641724.html
 load 645072-1.html
 load 645072-2.html
@@ -460,17 +460,17 @@ load 656130-2.html
 load 660416.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 665853.html # bug 1324634
 load 667025.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 673770.html # bug 1323652
 load 679933-1.html
 load 681489-1.html
 load 682649-1.html
 load 683702-1.xhtml
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 683712.html # bug 1324669
+load 683712.html
 load 688996-1.html
 load 688996-2.html
 load 691210.html
 load 700031.xhtml
 load 718516.html
 load 723108.html
 load 724235.html
 skip-if(Android&&isDebugBuild) load 724978.xhtml # bug 1263300 - slow
@@ -547,17 +547,17 @@ needs-focus pref(accessibility.browsewit
 asserts(0-5) load 876074-1.html # bug 876749
 load 876155.html
 load 885009-1.html
 load 893496-1.html
 load 893523.html
 asserts(0-3) load 898871.html # bug 479160 - mostly OSX, sometimes Windows
 asserts(0-3) load 914501.html # bug 1144852 - all platforms
 load 914891.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 915475.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 915475.xhtml
 load 927558.html
 load 943509-1.html
 asserts(2-8) asserts-if(stylo,0) load 944909-1.html
 load 946167-1.html
 load 947158.html
 load 949932.html
 asserts-if(Android,0-1) load 964078.html # bug 989718
 load 970710.html
@@ -567,18 +567,18 @@ load 986899.html
 load 1001233.html
 load 1001258-1.html
 load 1003441.xul
 pref(layout.css.grid.enabled,true) load 1015562.html
 asserts(1-2) asserts-if(stylo,0) load 1015563-1.html
 asserts(1-2) asserts-if(stylo,0) load 1015563-2.html
 asserts(0-300) load 1015844.html # bug 574889
 pref(font.size.inflation.minTwips,200) load 1032450.html
-asserts-if(stylo,0-3) load 1032613-1.svg # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2-6) load 1032613-2.html # bug 1324669
+load 1032613-1.svg
+load 1032613-2.html
 load 1037903.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 1039454-1.html # bug 1324647
 load 1042489.html
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 1054010-1.html # bug 1324647
 load 1058954-1.html
 load 1134531.html
 load 1134667.html
 load 1137723-1.html
--- a/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -149,23 +149,23 @@ load font-face-truncated-src.html
 load large_border_image_width.html
 load long-url-list-stack-overflow.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1264949.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1270795.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1275026.html
 load 1278463-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1277908-1.html # bug 1323652
 skip-if(stylo) load 1277908-2.html # bug 1323652
-asserts-if(stylo,2-62) load 1282076-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 1282076-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1282076-2.html # bug 1324686
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-2.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-3.html
 load 1290994-4.html
 load 1314531.html
 load 1315889-1.html
 load 1315894-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 1319072-1.html # bug 1323733
 HTTP load 1320423-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,5-28) load 1321357-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 1321357-1.html
 load 1328535-1.html
 load 1331272.html
 asserts-if(stylo,4) HTTP load 1333001-1.html
--- a/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -15,64 +15,64 @@ load 325427-1.svg
 load 326495-1.svg
 load 326974-1.svg
 load 327706-1.svg
 load 327709-1.svg
 load 327711-1.svg
 load 328137-1.svg
 load 329848-1.svg
 load 337408-1.xul
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 338301-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 338312-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 338301-1.xhtml
+load 338312-1.xhtml
 load 340083-1.svg
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 340945-1.svg # bug 1324647
 load 342923-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 343221-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 343221-1.xhtml
 load 344749-1.svg
 load 344887-1.svg
 load 344892-1.svg
 load 344898-1.svg
 load 344904-1.svg
 load 345418-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 348982-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,1) load 354777-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 348982-1.xhtml
+load 354777-1.xhtml
 load 359516-1.svg
 load 361015-1.svg
 asserts-if(stylo,0-2) load 361587-1.svg # bug 1324677
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 363611-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 363611-1.xhtml
 load 364688-1.svg
 load 366956-1.svg
 load 366956-2.svg
 load 367111-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 367368-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 367368-1.xhtml
 load 369233-1.svg
 load 369438-1.svg
 load 369438-2.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 371463-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 371563-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 371463-1.xhtml
+load 371563-1.xhtml
 load 375775-1.svg
 load 378716.svg
 load 380691-1.svg
 load 384391-1.xhtml
 load 384499-1.svg
 load 384637-1.svg
 load 384728-1.svg
 load 385246-1.svg
 load 385246-2.svg
 load 385552-1.svg
 load 385552-2.svg
 load 385840-1.svg
 load 385852-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 386475-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 386475-1.xhtml
 load 386566-1.svg
 load 386690-1.svg
 load 387290-1.svg
 load 402408-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 404677-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 409565-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 404677-1.xhtml
+load 409565-1.xhtml
 load 409573-1.svg
 load 420697-1.svg
 load 420697-2.svg
 load 429774-1.svg
 load 441368-1.svg
 load 453754-1.svg
 load 455314-1.xhtml
 load 458453.html
@@ -101,17 +101,17 @@ load 522394-1.svg
 load 522394-2.svg
 load 522394-3.svg
 load 566216-1.svg
 load 587336-1.html
 load 590291-1.svg
 load 601999-1.html
 load 605626-1.svg
 asserts(2) asserts-if(stylo,0) load 606914.xhtml # bug 606914
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 610594-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 610594-1.html
 load 610954-1.html
 load 612662-1.svg
 load 612662-2.svg
 load 612736-1.svg
 load 612736-2.svg
 load 614367-1.svg
 load 620034-1.html
 load 621598-1.svg
@@ -134,23 +134,23 @@ load 725918-1.svg
 load 732836-1.svg
 load 740627-1.svg
 load 740627-2.svg
 load 743469.svg
 load 757704-1.svg
 load 757718-1.svg
 load 757751-1.svg
 load 767056-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,3) load 767535-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
-asserts-if(stylo,1-2) load 768087-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 767535-1.xhtml
+load 768087-1.html
 load 768351.svg
 load 778492-1.svg
 load 779971-1.svg
 load 780764-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 780963-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 780963-1.html
 load 782141-1.svg
 load 784061-1.svg
 load 788831-1.svg
 skip-if(stylo) load 789390-1.html # bug 1323652
 load 790072.svg
 load 791826-1.svg
 load 808318-1.svg
 load 803562-1.svg
@@ -176,26 +176,26 @@ load 885608-1.svg
 load 890782-1.svg
 load 890783-1.svg
 load 893510-1.svg
 load 895311-1.svg
 load 897342-1.svg
 load 898909-1.svg
 load 898951-1.svg
 load 913990.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 919371-1.xhtml # bug 1324669
+load 919371-1.xhtml
 load 950324-1.svg
 load 952270-1.svg
 load 963086-1.svg
 load 974746-1.svg
 load 975773-1.svg
 load 979407-1.svg
 load 979407-2.svg
 load 993443.svg
 load 1016145.svg
 load 1028512.svg
 load 1140080-1.svg
 load 1149542-1.svg
 load 1156581-1.svg
-asserts-if(stylo,1) load 1182496-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 1182496-1.html
 load 1209525-1.svg
 load 1223281-1.svg
 load extref-test-1.xhtml
--- a/parser/htmlparser/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/parser/htmlparser/tests/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -40,17 +40,17 @@ asserts-if(stylo,1) load 502869.html # b
 load 515278-1.html
 load 515533-1.html
 load 515816-1.html
 load 522326-1.html
 load 525229-1.html
 load 536097-1.html
 load 555462.html
 load 563514-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo,2) load 574884-1.html # bug 1324669
+load 574884-1.html
 load 574884-2.html
 load 591330-1.html
 load 650501-1.xhtml
 asserts-if(stylo,1) load 696651-1.html # bug 1324683
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load view-source:699347-1.xml # bug 1324704
 load 721313-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,5) load view-source:742414-1.html # bug 1324704
 load 981279-1.html