Bug 1278303 part 1 - Prevent uses of TempObject new operator on MIR Instructions. r=jandem
authorNicolas B. Pierron <nicolas.b.pierron@mozilla.com>
Wed, 15 Jun 2016 16:27:18 +0000
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Bug 1278303 part 1 - Prevent uses of TempObject new operator on MIR Instructions. r=jandem
--- a/js/src/jit/LoopUnroller.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jit/LoopUnroller.cpp
@@ -66,17 +66,17 @@ LoopUnroller::getReplacementDefinition(M
     DefinitionMap::Ptr p = unrolledDefinitions.lookup(def);
     if (!p) {
         // After phi analysis (TypeAnalyzer::replaceRedundantPhi) the resume
         // point at the start of a block can contain definitions from within
         // the block itself.
-        MConstant* constant = new(alloc) MConstant(*def->toConstant());
+        MConstant* constant = MConstant::Copy(alloc, def->toConstant());
         oldPreheader->insertBefore(*oldPreheader->begin(), constant);
         return constant;
     return p->value();
--- a/js/src/jit/MIR.h
+++ b/js/src/jit/MIR.h
@@ -1014,16 +1014,27 @@ class MUseDefIterator
 // An instruction is an SSA name that is inserted into a basic block's IR
 // stream.
 class MInstruction
   : public MDefinition,
     public InlineListNode<MInstruction>
     MResumePoint* resumePoint_;
+  protected:
+    // All MInstructions are using the "MFoo::New(alloc)" notation instead of
+    // the TempObject new operator. This code redefines the new operator as
+    // protected, and delegates to the TempObject new operator. Thus, the
+    // following code prevents calls to "new(alloc) MFoo" outside the MFoo
+    // members.
+    template <typename... Args>
+    inline void* operator new(size_t nbytes, Args&&... args) {
+        return TempObject::operator new(nbytes, mozilla::Forward<Args>(args)...);
+    }
       : resumePoint_(nullptr)
     { }
     // Copying an instruction leaves the block and resume point as empty.
     explicit MInstruction(const MInstruction& other)
       : MDefinition(other),
@@ -1442,16 +1453,19 @@ class MConstant : public MNullaryInstruc
     static MConstant* New(TempAllocator& alloc, const Value& v,
                           CompilerConstraintList* constraints = nullptr);
     static MConstant* NewFloat32(TempAllocator& alloc, double d);
     static MConstant* NewInt64(TempAllocator& alloc, int64_t i);
     static MConstant* NewAsmJS(TempAllocator& alloc, const Value& v, MIRType type);
     static MConstant* NewConstraintlessObject(TempAllocator& alloc, JSObject* v);
+    static MConstant* Copy(TempAllocator& alloc, MConstant* src) {
+        return new(alloc) MConstant(*src);
+    }
     // Try to convert this constant to boolean, similar to js::ToBoolean.
     // Returns false if the type is MIRType::Magic*.
     bool MOZ_MUST_USE valueToBoolean(bool* res) const;
     // Like valueToBoolean, but returns the result directly instead of using
     // an outparam. Should not be used if this constant might be a magic value.
     bool valueToBooleanInfallible() const {