Bug 965871 - Document lock ordering in APZ. r=kats
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Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:55:44 -0400
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Bug 965871 - Document lock ordering in APZ. r=kats
--- a/gfx/layers/composite/APZCTreeManager.h
+++ b/gfx/layers/composite/APZCTreeManager.h
@@ -37,16 +37,32 @@ enum AllowedTouchBehavior {
   UNKNOWN =            1 << 3
 class Layer;
 class AsyncPanZoomController;
 class CompositorParent;
+ * ****************** NOTE ON LOCK ORDERING IN APZ **************************
+ *
+ * There are two kinds of locks used by APZ: APZCTreeManager::mTreeLock
+ * ("the tree lock") and AsyncPanZoomController::mMonitor ("APZC locks").
+ *
+ * To avoid deadlock, we impose a lock ordering between these locks, which is:
+ *
+ *      tree lock -> APZC locks
+ *
+ * The interpretation of the lock ordering is that if lock A precedes lock B
+ * in the ordering sequence, then you must NOT wait on A while holding B.
+ *
+ * **************************************************************************
+ */
  * This class manages the tree of AsyncPanZoomController instances. There is one
  * instance of this class owned by each CompositorParent, and it contains as
  * many AsyncPanZoomController instances as there are scrollable container layers.
  * This class generally lives on the compositor thread, although some functions
  * may be called from other threads as noted; thread safety is ensured internally.
  * The bulk of the work of this class happens as part of the UpdatePanZoomControllerTree
  * function, which is when a layer tree update is received by the compositor.
@@ -298,17 +314,18 @@ private:
                                                       uint64_t aFirstPaintLayersId,
                                                       nsTArray< nsRefPtr<AsyncPanZoomController> >* aApzcsToDestroy);
   /* Whenever walking or mutating the tree rooted at mRootApzc, mTreeLock must be held.
    * This lock does not need to be held while manipulating a single APZC instance in
    * isolation (that is, if its tree pointers are not being accessed or mutated). The
    * lock also needs to be held when accessing the mRootApzc instance variable, as that
-   * is considered part of the APZC tree management state. */
+   * is considered part of the APZC tree management state.
+   * IMPORTANT: See the note about lock ordering at the top of this file. */
   mozilla::Monitor mTreeLock;
   nsRefPtr<AsyncPanZoomController> mRootApzc;
   /* This tracks the APZC that should receive all inputs for the current input event block.
    * This allows touch points to move outside the thing they started on, but still have the
    * touch events delivered to the same initial APZC. This will only ever be touched on the
    * input delivery thread, and so does not require locking.
   nsRefPtr<AsyncPanZoomController> mApzcForInputBlock;
--- a/gfx/layers/ipc/AsyncPanZoomController.h
+++ b/gfx/layers/ipc/AsyncPanZoomController.h
@@ -645,16 +645,17 @@ protected:
   // Both |mFrameMetrics| and |mLastContentPaintMetrics| are protected by the
   // monitor. Do not read from or modify either of them without locking.
   FrameMetrics mFrameMetrics;
   // Protects |mFrameMetrics|, |mLastContentPaintMetrics|, and |mState|.
   // Before manipulating |mFrameMetrics| or |mLastContentPaintMetrics|, the
   // monitor should be held. When setting |mState|, either the SetState()
   // function can be used, or the monitor can be held and then |mState| updated.
+  // IMPORTANT: See the note about lock ordering at the top of APZCTreeManager.h.
   ReentrantMonitor mMonitor;
   // Specifies whether we should use touch-action css property. Initialized from
   // the preferences. This property (in comparison with the global one) simplifies
   // testing apzc with (and without) touch-action property enabled concurrently
   // (e.g. with the gtest framework).
   bool mTouchActionPropertyEnabled;