Bug 671562 - Allow to pass an application directory to xpcshell tests. r=ted
authorMike Hommey <mh+mozilla@glandium.org>
Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:48:01 +0200
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Bug 671562 - Allow to pass an application directory to xpcshell tests. r=ted
--- a/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
@@ -215,17 +215,19 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
   def buildXpcsCmd(self, testdir):
       Load the root head.js file as the first file in our test path, before other head, test, and tail files.
       On a remote system, we overload this to add additional command line arguments, so this gets overloaded.
     # - NOTE: if you rename/add any of the constants set here, update
     #   do_load_child_test_harness() in head.js
-    self.xpcsCmd = [self.xpcshell, '-g', self.xrePath, '-r', self.httpdManifest, '-j', '-s'] + \
+    if not self.appPath:
+        self.appPath = self.xrePath
+    self.xpcsCmd = [self.xpcshell, '-g', self.xrePath, '-a', self.appPath, '-r', self.httpdManifest, '-j', '-s'] + \
         ['-e', 'const _HTTPD_JS_PATH = "%s";' % self.httpdJSPath,
          '-e', 'const _HEAD_JS_PATH = "%s";' % self.headJSPath,
          '-f', os.path.join(self.testharnessdir, 'head.js')]
     if self.debuggerInfo:
       self.xpcsCmd = [self.debuggerInfo["path"]] + self.debuggerInfo["args"] + self.xpcsCmd
   def buildTestPath(self):
@@ -374,26 +376,27 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
                    for f in headfiles])
     cmdT = ", ".join(['"' + replaceBackSlashes(f) + '"'
                    for f in tailfiles])
     return xpcscmd + \
             ['-e', 'const _SERVER_ADDR = "localhost"',
              '-e', 'const _HEAD_FILES = [%s];' % cmdH,
              '-e', 'const _TAIL_FILES = [%s];' % cmdT]
-  def runTests(self, xpcshell, xrePath=None, symbolsPath=None,
+  def runTests(self, xpcshell, xrePath=None, appPath=None, symbolsPath=None,
                manifest=None, testdirs=[], testPath=None,
                interactive=False, verbose=False, keepGoing=False, logfiles=True,
                thisChunk=1, totalChunks=1, debugger=None,
                debuggerArgs=None, debuggerInteractive=False,
                profileName=None, mozInfo=None):
     """Run xpcshell tests.
     |xpcshell|, is the xpcshell executable to use to run the tests.
     |xrePath|, if provided, is the path to the XRE to use.
+    |appPath|, if provided, is the path to an application directory.
     |symbolsPath|, if provided is the path to a directory containing
       breakpad symbols for processing crashes in tests.
     |manifest|, if provided, is a file containing a list of
       test directories to run.
     |testdirs|, if provided, is a list of absolute paths of test directories.
       No-manifest only option.
     |testPath|, if provided, indicates a single path and/or test to run.
     |interactive|, if set to True, indicates to provide an xpcshell prompt
@@ -408,16 +411,17 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
       directory if running only a subset of tests.
     |mozInfo|, if set, specifies specifies build configuration information, either as a filename containing JSON, or a dict.
     global gotSIGINT 
     self.xpcshell = xpcshell
     self.xrePath = xrePath
+    self.appPath = appPath
     self.symbolsPath = symbolsPath
     self.manifest = manifest
     self.testdirs = testdirs
     self.testPath = testPath
     self.interactive = interactive
     self.verbose = verbose
     self.keepGoing = keepGoing
     self.logfiles = logfiles
@@ -572,16 +576,19 @@ INFO | Todo: %d""" % (self.passCount, se
     return self.failCount == 0
 class XPCShellOptions(OptionParser):
   def __init__(self):
     """Process command line arguments and call runTests() to do the real work."""
+    self.add_option("--app-path",
+                    type="string", dest="appPath", default=None,
+                    help="application directory (as opposed to XRE directory)")
                     action="store_true", dest="interactive", default=False,
                     help="don't automatically run tests, drop to an xpcshell prompt")
                     action="store_true", dest="verbose", default=False,
                     help="always print stdout and stderr from tests")
                     action="store_true", dest="keepGoing", default=False,