Bug 1181444 (part 1.5) - Remove dead PLDHashOperator declarations. r=froydnj.
authorNicholas Nethercote <nnethercote@mozilla.com>
Thu, 28 Jan 2016 14:08:19 -0800
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Bug 1181444 (part 1.5) - Remove dead PLDHashOperator declarations. r=froydnj.
--- a/dom/base/nsScriptNameSpaceManager.h
+++ b/dom/base/nsScriptNameSpaceManager.h
@@ -175,21 +175,16 @@ public:
     mozilla::dom::ConstructNavigatorProperty aNavConstructor,
     mozilla::dom::ConstructorEnabled* aConstructorEnabled)
     nsLiteralString key(aKey);
     return RegisterNavigatorDOMConstructor(key, aNavConstructor,
-  typedef PLDHashOperator
-  (* NameEnumerator)(const nsAString& aGlobalName,
-                     const nsGlobalNameStruct& aGlobalNameStruct,
-                     void* aClosure);
   class NameIterator : public PLDHashTable::Iterator
     typedef PLDHashTable::Iterator Base;
     explicit NameIterator(PLDHashTable* aTable) : Base(aTable) {}
     NameIterator(NameIterator&& aOther) : Base(mozilla::Move(aOther.mTable)) {}
     const GlobalNameMapEntry* Get() const
--- a/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.h
+++ b/dom/html/HTMLMediaElement.h
@@ -1201,21 +1201,16 @@ protected:
   // Denotes the waiting state of a load algorithm instance. When the load
   // algorithm is waiting for a source element child to be added, this is set
   // to WAITING_FOR_SOURCE, otherwise it's NOT_WAITING.
   LoadAlgorithmState mLoadWaitStatus;
   // Current audio volume
   double mVolume;
-  // Helper function to iterate over a hash table
-  // and convert it to a JSObject.
-  static PLDHashOperator BuildObjectFromTags(nsCStringHashKey::KeyType aKey,
-                                             nsCString aValue,
-                                             void* aUserArg);
   nsAutoPtr<const MetadataTags> mTags;
   // URI of the resource we're attempting to load. This stores the value we
   // return in the currentSrc attribute. Use GetCurrentSrc() to access the
   // currentSrc attribute.
   // This is always the original URL we're trying to load --- before
   // redirects etc.
   nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mLoadingSrc;
--- a/dom/messagechannel/MessagePortService.h
+++ b/dom/messagechannel/MessagePortService.h
@@ -46,21 +46,15 @@ public:
   ~MessagePortService() {}
   void CloseAll(const nsID& aUUID, bool aForced = false);
   void MaybeShutdown();
   class MessagePortServiceData;
-#ifdef DEBUG
-  static PLDHashOperator
-  CloseAllDebugCheck(const nsID& aID, MessagePortServiceData* aData,
-                     void* aPtr);
   nsClassHashtable<nsIDHashKey, MessagePortServiceData> mPorts;
 } // namespace dom
 } // namespace mozilla
 #endif // mozilla_dom_MessagePortService_h
--- a/dom/smil/nsSMILCompositor.h
+++ b/dom/smil/nsSMILCompositor.h
@@ -79,20 +79,16 @@ public:
   // sandwich. Also toggles the 'mForceCompositing' flag if it finds that any
   // (used) functions have changed.
   uint32_t GetFirstFuncToAffectSandwich();
   // If the passed-in base value differs from our cached base value, this
   // method updates the cached value (and toggles the 'mForceCompositing' flag)
   void UpdateCachedBaseValue(const nsSMILValue& aBaseValue);
-  // Static callback methods
-  static PLDHashOperator DoComposeAttribute(
-      nsSMILCompositor* aCompositor, void *aData);
   // The hash key (tuple of element/attributeName/attributeType)
   KeyType mKey;
   // Hash Value: List of animation functions that animate the specified attr
   nsTArray<nsSMILAnimationFunction*> mAnimationFunctions;
   // Member data for detecting when we need to force-recompose
   // ---------------------------------------------------------
--- a/gfx/thebes/gfxPlatformFontList.h
+++ b/gfx/thebes/gfxPlatformFontList.h
@@ -311,21 +311,16 @@ protected:
     // commonly used fonts for which the name table should be loaded at startup
     virtual void PreloadNamesList();
     // load the bad underline blacklist from pref.
     void LoadBadUnderlineList();
     void GenerateFontListKey(const nsAString& aKeyName, nsAString& aResult);
-    static PLDHashOperator
-        HashEnumFuncForFamilies(nsStringHashKey::KeyType aKey,
-                                RefPtr<gfxFontFamily>& aFamilyEntry,
-                                void* aUserArg);
     virtual void GetFontFamilyNames(nsTArray<nsString>& aFontFamilyNames);
     nsILanguageAtomService* GetLangService();
     // helper function to map lang to lang group
     nsIAtom* GetLangGroup(nsIAtom* aLanguage);
     // helper method for finding an appropriate lang string
--- a/layout/style/nsRuleNode.h
+++ b/layout/style/nsRuleNode.h
@@ -453,28 +453,21 @@ private:
   static PLDHashNumber
   ChildrenHashHashKey(PLDHashTable *aTable, const void *aKey);
   static bool
   ChildrenHashMatchEntry(PLDHashTable *aTable,
                          const PLDHashEntryHdr *aHdr,
                          const void *aKey);
-  static PLDHashOperator
-  SweepHashEntry(PLDHashTable *table, PLDHashEntryHdr *hdr,
-                 uint32_t number, void *arg);
   void SweepChildren(nsTArray<nsRuleNode*>& aSweepQueue);
   bool DestroyIfNotMarked();
   static const PLDHashTableOps ChildrenHashOps;
-  static PLDHashOperator
-  EnqueueRuleNodeChildren(PLDHashTable *table, PLDHashEntryHdr *hdr,
-                          uint32_t number, void *arg);
   Key GetKey() const {
     return Key(mRule, GetLevel(), IsImportantRule());
   // The children of this node are stored in either a hashtable or list
   // that maps from rules to our nsRuleNode children.  When matching
   // rules, we use this mapping to transition from node to node
   // (constructing new nodes as needed to flesh out the tree).
--- a/layout/tables/SpanningCellSorter.h
+++ b/layout/tables/SpanningCellSorter.h
@@ -71,20 +71,16 @@ private:
     static const PLDHashTableOps HashTableOps;
     static PLDHashNumber
         HashTableHashKey(PLDHashTable *table, const void *key);
     static bool
         HashTableMatchEntry(PLDHashTable *table, const PLDHashEntryHdr *hdr,
                             const void *key);
-    static PLDHashOperator
-        FillSortedArray(PLDHashTable *table, PLDHashEntryHdr *hdr,
-                        uint32_t number, void *arg);
     static int SortArray(const void *a, const void *b, void *closure);
     /* state used only during enumeration */
     uint32_t mEnumerationIndex; // into mArray or mSortedHashTable
     HashTableEntry **mSortedHashTable;
      * operator new is forbidden since we use the pres shell's stack
--- a/modules/libpref/nsPrefBranch.h
+++ b/modules/libpref/nsPrefBranch.h
@@ -211,21 +211,16 @@ protected:
   // Reject strings that are more than 1Mb, warn if strings are more than 16kb
   nsresult   CheckSanityOfStringLength(const char* aPrefName, const nsAString& aValue);
   nsresult   CheckSanityOfStringLength(const char* aPrefName, const char* aValue);
   nsresult   CheckSanityOfStringLength(const char* aPrefName, const uint32_t aLength);
   void RemoveExpiredCallback(PrefCallback *aCallback);
   const char *getPrefName(const char *aPrefName);
   void       freeObserverList(void);
-  friend PLDHashOperator
-    FreeObserverFunc(PrefCallback *aKey,
-                     nsAutoPtr<PrefCallback> &aCallback,
-                     void *aArgs);
   int32_t               mPrefRootLength;
   nsCString             mPrefRoot;
   bool                  mIsDefault;
   bool                  mFreeingObserverList;
   nsClassHashtable<PrefCallback, PrefCallback> mObservers;