Bug 1075072 - Pass debuggerArgs as a string to get_debugger_info. r=ted
authorTom Tromey <tom@tromey.com>
Fri, 24 Oct 2014 09:40:00 -0400
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Bug 1075072 - Pass debuggerArgs as a string to get_debugger_info. r=ted
--- a/testing/mozbase/mozdebug/mozdebug/mozdebug.py
+++ b/testing/mozbase/mozdebug/mozdebug/mozdebug.py
@@ -79,19 +79,19 @@ def get_debugger_info(debugger, debugger
     Get the information about the requested debugger.
     Returns a dictionary containing the |path| of the debugger executable,
     if it will run in |interactive| mode, its arguments and whether it needs
     to escape arguments it passes to the debugged program (|requiresEscapedArgs|).
     If the debugger cannot be found in the system, returns |None|.
     :param debugger: The name of the debugger.
-    :param debuggerArgs: If specified, it's the list of arguments to pass to the
-     debugger. A debugger specific separator arguments is appended at the end of
-     that list.
+    :param debuggerArgs: If specified, it's the arguments to pass to the debugger,
+    as a string. Any debugger-specific separator arguments are appended after these
+    arguments.
     :param debuggerInteractive: If specified, forces the debugger to be interactive.
     debuggerPath = None
     if debugger:
         # Append '.exe' to the debugger on Windows if it's not present,
         # so things like '--debugger=devenv' work.
@@ -113,23 +113,24 @@ def get_debugger_info(debugger, debugger
         return default
     # Define a namedtuple to access the debugger information from the outside world.
     DebuggerInfo = namedtuple(
         ['path', 'interactive', 'args', 'requiresEscapedArgs']
-    debugger_arguments = get_debugger_info('args', [])
+    debugger_arguments = []
-    # Extend the default arguments for the chosen debugger with the ones passed in, if any.
     if debuggerArgs:
         # Append the provided debugger arguments at the end of the arguments list.
         debugger_arguments += debuggerArgs.split()
+    debugger_arguments += get_debugger_info('args', [])
     # Override the default debugger interactive mode if needed.
     debugger_interactive = get_debugger_info('interactive', False)
     if debuggerInteractive:
         debugger_interactive = debuggerInteractive
     d = DebuggerInfo(
--- a/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
@@ -1069,21 +1069,16 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
                 testingModulesDir = os.path.abspath(testingModulesDir)
             if not testingModulesDir.endswith(os.path.sep):
                 testingModulesDir += os.path.sep
         self.debuggerInfo = None
         if debugger:
-            # We need a list of arguments, not a string, to feed into
-            # the debugger
-            if debuggerArgs:
-                debuggerArgs = debuggerArgs.split();
             self.debuggerInfo = mozdebug.get_debugger_info(debugger, debuggerArgs, debuggerInteractive)
         self.xpcshell = xpcshell
         self.xrePath = xrePath
         self.appPath = appPath
         self.symbolsPath = symbolsPath
         self.manifest = manifest
         self.testdirs = testdirs