Bug 1249252: SharedStubs - Add typebarrier to getprop shared stub, r=jandem
authorHannes Verschore <hv1989@gmail.com>
Thu, 18 Feb 2016 15:17:38 -0500
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Bug 1249252: SharedStubs - Add typebarrier to getprop shared stub, r=jandem
--- a/js/src/jit/IonBuilder.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jit/IonBuilder.cpp
@@ -11105,17 +11105,17 @@ IonBuilder::jsop_getprop(PropertyName* n
     // Try to emit a polymorphic cache.
     if (!getPropTryCache(&emitted, obj, name, barrier, types) || emitted)
         return emitted;
     // Try to emit a shared stub.
-    if (!getPropTrySharedStub(&emitted, obj) || emitted)
+    if (!getPropTrySharedStub(&emitted, obj, types) || emitted)
         return emitted;
     // Emit a call.
     MCallGetProperty* call = MCallGetProperty::New(alloc(), obj, name);
     if (!resumeAfter(call))
         return false;
@@ -12045,32 +12045,41 @@ IonBuilder::getPropTryCache(bool* emitte
         return false;
     *emitted = true;
     return true;
-IonBuilder::getPropTrySharedStub(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj)
+IonBuilder::getPropTrySharedStub(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj, TemporaryTypeSet* types)
     MOZ_ASSERT(*emitted == false);
     // Try to emit a shared stub cache.
     if (JitOptions.disableSharedStubs)
         return true;
     MInstruction* stub = MUnarySharedStub::New(alloc(), obj);
     if (!resumeAfter(stub))
         return false;
+    // Due to inlining, it's possible the observed TypeSet is non-empty,
+    // even though we know |obj| is null/undefined and the MCallGetProperty
+    // will throw. Don't push a TypeBarrier in this case, to avoid
+    // inlining the following (unreachable) JSOP_CALL.
+    if (*pc != JSOP_CALLPROP || !IsNullOrUndefined(obj->type())) {
+        if (!pushTypeBarrier(stub, types, BarrierKind::TypeSet))
+            return false;
+    }
     *emitted = true;
     return true;
 IonBuilder::tryInnerizeWindow(MDefinition* obj)
     // Try to optimize accesses on outer window proxies (window.foo, for
--- a/js/src/jit/IonBuilder.h
+++ b/js/src/jit/IonBuilder.h
@@ -452,17 +452,17 @@ class IonBuilder
     bool getPropTryComplexPropOfTypedObject(bool* emitted, MDefinition* typedObj,
                                             int32_t fieldOffset,
                                             TypedObjectPrediction fieldTypeReprs,
                                             size_t fieldIndex);
     bool getPropTryInnerize(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj, PropertyName* name,
                             TemporaryTypeSet* types);
     bool getPropTryCache(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj, PropertyName* name,
                          BarrierKind barrier, TemporaryTypeSet* types);
-    bool getPropTrySharedStub(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj);
+    bool getPropTrySharedStub(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj, TemporaryTypeSet* types);
     // jsop_setprop() helpers.
     bool setPropTryCommonSetter(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj,
                                 PropertyName* name, MDefinition* value);
     bool setPropTryCommonDOMSetter(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj,
                                    MDefinition* value, JSFunction* setter,
                                    TemporaryTypeSet* objTypes);
     bool setPropTryDefiniteSlot(bool* emitted, MDefinition* obj,