Bug 1524480 - Don't share styles when an element has animations applied to it; r=emilio
authorBrian Birtles <birtles@gmail.com>
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 06:35:04 +0000
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Bug 1524480 - Don't share styles when an element has animations applied to it; r=emilio We already avoid putting styles in the shared style cache for an element that has animations[1] but if we are doing the initial style of two siblings where the _second_ has animations applied, there is nothing to stop us from trying to share with the first (un-animated) element. This patch adds a check to prevent sharing in that case since sharing style between animated elements is unsound for the reasons described in [1]. A number of tests including: testing/web-platform/tests/web-animations/animation-model/animation-types/visibility.html will fail without this fix once we remove the style flush from KeyframeEffect::SetKeyframes later in this patch series. [1] https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/rev/6e3cc153566f5f288ae768a2172385b8436d61dd/servo/components/style/sharing/mod.rs#597 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D18913
--- a/layout/style/GeckoBindings.h
+++ b/layout/style/GeckoBindings.h
@@ -215,16 +215,17 @@ void Gecko_UpdateAnimations(RawGeckoElem
                             ComputedStyleBorrowedOrNull aOldComputedValues,
                             ComputedStyleBorrowedOrNull aComputedValues,
                             mozilla::UpdateAnimationsTasks aTasks);
 size_t Gecko_GetAnimationEffectCount(RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
 bool Gecko_ElementHasAnimations(RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
 bool Gecko_ElementHasCSSAnimations(RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
 bool Gecko_ElementHasCSSTransitions(RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
+bool Gecko_ElementHasWebAnimations(RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
 size_t Gecko_ElementTransitions_Length(
     RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo);
 nsCSSPropertyID Gecko_ElementTransitions_PropertyAt(
     RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo, size_t aIndex);
 RawServoAnimationValueBorrowedOrNull Gecko_ElementTransitions_EndValueAt(
     RawGeckoElementBorrowed aElementOrPseudo, size_t aIndex);
--- a/servo/components/style/sharing/mod.rs
+++ b/servo/components/style/sharing/mod.rs
@@ -761,16 +761,21 @@ impl<E: TElement> StyleSharingCache<E> {
             return None;
         if target.element.shadow_root().is_some() {
             trace!("Miss: Shadow host");
             return None;
+        if target.element.has_animations() {
+            trace!("Miss: Has Animations");
+            return None;
+        }
         if target.matches_user_and_author_rules() !=
             trace!("Miss: User and Author Rules");
             return None;
         // It's possible that there are no styles for either id.