Bug 1341102: Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE; r=bustage
☠☠ backed out by 7f5d8fe1c870 ☠ ☠
authorManish Goregaokar <manishearth@gmail.com>
Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:51:35 -0700
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Bug 1341102: Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE; r=bustage MozReview-Commit-ID: Ho2PNnBhR3M
--- a/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -136,17 +136,17 @@ load 387058-1.html
 load 387058-2.html
 load 387088-1.html
 load 387209-1.html
 load 387213-1.html
 load 387215-1.xhtml
 load 387219-1.xhtml
 load 387233-1.html
 load 387233-2.html
-asserts-if(stylo, 2) load 387282-1.html
+asserts-if(stylo,2) load 387282-1.html
 load 388175-1.html
 load 388367-1.html
 load 388709-1.html
 load 389635-1.html
 load 390050-1.html
 load 390050-2.html
 load 390050-3.html
 load 390762-1.html
@@ -394,18 +394,18 @@ load 533379-1.html
 load 533379-2.html
 load 534082-1.html
 load 534366-1.html
 load 534366-2.html
 load 536692-1.xhtml
 load 537645.xhtml
 load 541277-1.html
 load 541277-2.html
-asserts-if(stylo, 2) load 541714-1.html # bug 634161
-asserts-if(stylo, 3) load 541714-2.html # bug 634161
+asserts-if(stylo,2) load 541714-1.html # bug 634161
+asserts-if(stylo,3) load 541714-2.html # bug 634161
 load 542136-1.html
 load 545571-1.html
 load 547338.xul
 load 547843-1.xhtml
 load 551635-1.html
 load 553504-1.xhtml
 load 564368-1.xhtml
 load 564968.xhtml
@@ -553,17 +553,17 @@ load 885009-1.html
 load 893496-1.html
 load 893523.html
 asserts(0-3) load 898871.html # bug 479160 - mostly OSX, sometimes Windows
 asserts(0-3) load 914501.html # bug 1144852 - all platforms
 load 914891.html
 load 915475.xhtml
 load 927558.html
 load 943509-1.html
-asserts-if(stylo, 2-8) load 944909-1.html
+asserts-if(stylo,2-8) load 944909-1.html
 load 946167-1.html
 load 947158.html
 load 949932.html
 asserts-if(Android,0-1) load 964078.html # bug 989718
 load 970710.html
 load 973701-1.xhtml
 load 973701-2.xhtml
 load 986899.html
--- a/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -100,17 +100,17 @@ load 515288-1.html
 load 522394-1.svg
 load 522394-2.svg
 load 522394-3.svg
 load 566216-1.svg
 load 587336-1.html
 load 590291-1.svg
 load 601999-1.html
 load 605626-1.svg
-asserts-if(!stylo, 2) load 606914.xhtml # bug 606914, bug 718883
+asserts-if(!stylo,2) load 606914.xhtml # bug 606914, bug 718883
 load 610594-1.html
 load 610954-1.html
 load 612662-1.svg
 load 612662-2.svg
 load 612736-1.svg
 load 612736-2.svg
 load 614367-1.svg
 load 620034-1.html