Bug 1334768 - Remove some superfluous comments from a crashtest manifest. r=me (DONTBUILD)
authorCameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Tue, 07 Mar 2017 20:50:27 +0800
changeset 346184 0c4f1078eb272a9f4b08f85b4c7166c21e94d44c
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push dateTue, 07 Mar 2017 12:51:20 +0000
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Bug 1334768 - Remove some superfluous comments from a crashtest manifest. r=me (DONTBUILD) MozReview-Commit-ID: IGbJtry4M1y
--- a/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -18,28 +18,28 @@ asserts-if(stylo,1) load 397022-1.html #
 load 399289-1.svg
 load 404470-1.html
 load 411603-1.html
 load 412588-1.html
 load 413274-1.xhtml
 load 416461-1.xul
 load 418007-1.xhtml
 load 431705-1.xul
-load 432561-1.html # bug 1323705
+load 432561-1.html
 load 437170-1.html
 load 437532-1.html
-load 439184-1.html # bug 1323939
+load 439184-1.html
 load 444237-1.html
 load 444848-1.html 
 load 447776-1.html
 load 447783-1.html
 load 448161-1.html
 load 448161-2.html
 load 452150-1.xhtml
-load 456196.html # bug 132652
+load 456196.html
 load 460209-1.html
 load 460217-1.html
 load 460323-1.html
 load 466845-1.html
 load 469432-1.xhtml
 load 472195-1.html
 load 472237-1.html # will fail, test for leak (474704)
 HTTP(..) load 472237-1.html
@@ -76,17 +76,17 @@ load 621596-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) load 622314-1.xhtml # bug 1337695
 load 637242.xhtml
 load 645142.html
 fails-if(stylo) == 645951-1.html 645951-1-ref.html
 load 652976-1.svg
 load 665209-1.html
 load 671799-1.html
 load 671799-2.html
-load 690990-1.html # bug 1323708
+load 690990-1.html
 load 696188-1.html
 load 696869-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,2) load 700116.html # bug 1324635
 load 729126-1.html
 load 729126-2.html
 load 786108-1.html
 load 786108-2.html
 load 788836.html
@@ -110,17 +110,17 @@ load 930270-1.html
 load 930270-2.html
 load 945048-1.html
 load 972199-1.html
 load 989965-1.html
 load 992333-1.html
 skip-if(stylo) pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1017798-1.html # bug 1323689
 load 1028514-1.html
 load 1066089-1.html
-load 1074651-1.html # bug 1323652
+load 1074651-1.html
 load 1135534.html
 pref(dom.webcomponents.enabled,true) load 1089463-1.html
 pref(layout.css.expensive-style-struct-assertions.enabled,true) load 1136010-1.html
 asserts-if(stylo,0-2) pref(layout.css.expensive-style-struct-assertions.enabled,true) load 1146101-1.html # bug 1324677
 load 1153693-1.html
 load 1161320-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1161320-2.html
 load 1161366-1.html
@@ -148,17 +148,17 @@ load border-image-visited-link.html
 load font-face-truncated-src.html 
 load large_border_image_width.html
 load long-url-list-stack-overflow.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1264949.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1270795.html
 pref(layout.css.background-clip-text.enabled,true) load 1275026.html
 load 1278463-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1277908-1.html # bug 1323652
-load 1277908-2.html # bug 1323652
+load 1277908-2.html
 load 1282076-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1282076-2.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-1.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-2.html
 pref(dom.animations-api.core.enabled,true) load 1290994-3.html
 load 1290994-4.html
 load 1314531.html
 load 1315889-1.html