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Thu Sep 24 00:33:21 2015 +0000
5ed72fdd632767e03d6862efd10fc15a34256845Matt Woodrow — Bug 1150944 - Enable SkiaGL for OSX. r=jrmuizel
32fc8e7592b72ca68775b79604cf27beccb8a248Matt Woodrow — Bug 1206161 - Make sure the DrawTarget is available when creating a CanvasLayer so that we can check for SkiaGL. r=Bas
36059cdb634d9e72becc627cc3ee9ffe74380339Matt Woodrow — Bug 1150944 - Fuzz some reftests with SkiaGL. r=jrmuizel
8c95806def4506b07cf9d7a627437e62dbb50ff3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1150944 - Use correct origin for SkiaGL texture backed SourceSurfaces. r=gw280