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Tue May 26 07:11:41 2015 +0000
1921222e708e8b070b8ef5db215d5bec2217d375Michael Layzell — Bug 1159490 - Allow cut/copy event dispatch unconditionally in HTML documents. r=neil
0431f570160df1497943b8d7039b5f70c4b45e74Michael Layzell — Bug 1162952 - Return true from document.queryCommandEnabled('cut'/'copy') when in privileged or user-initiated code. r=ehsan
f4dcd8361800b3d83c4448de0684fbc5c07ea93eCJKu — Bug 1163908 - Export GL draw data to layerscope for drawing heat-map view. r=:djg
5e3736bd6c332aa0a0233d89720d326dadedb08aAndrew Comminos — Bug 1166741 - Workaround for GTK3 bug where file choosers' delegate refcount is not incremented. r=karlt
af26700a02edb540ebfc0d1965fa71448c23bae0Bruce Sun — Bug 1168075 - Fix CanvasCaptureMediaStream build fail for bluetooth2. r=pehrsons