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Mon Oct 19 13:49:44 2015 +0000
5e890d7ad1744e38b0d9de03696dfe09631c12ecKilik Kuo — Bug 1194918 - Override function SetVolume/SetPreservesPitch in VideoSink for the contained AudioSink. r=jwwang.
1dc6e120ebff05eb39ed64d6cbedbd72c0ab5bc9Kilik Kuo — Bug 1194918 - Move av-sync and video frame rendering logic from MDSM to VideoSink. r=jwwang.
00b1bb5ace0de6d802bd130f84dde0328b6f018cKilik Kuo — Bug 1194918 - Add VideoSink which contains either AudioSinkWrapper or DecodedStreamSink as a default operating MediaSink in MDSM. r=jwwang.