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Wed Jun 17 16:49:23 2015 +0000
a5eb0b1fcf3954327d52436d0f99350479ea4768Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Mark WPT as succeeding. r=jya
549275b488a779a9e41fc6c58f5c90178d3f2ae4Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Watch mStateMachineDuration, and stop manually firing DurationChanged. r=jww
5a1fd02713e2d68389850715a37192c7e498f0e2Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Route mExplicitDuration directly from the mediasource code to MediaDecoder, and stop passing an argument to DurationChanged. r=pending=jww
645564f3f35f929fda373de5352263dce1c92e2aBobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Mirror duration from the MDSM to the MediaDecoderReader and remove MDSM::GetDuration. r=jww
bc8f5c62dbef51c76a6e3a494840d1546f117fe7Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Mirror duration from the MDSM to the MediaDecoder. r=jww
3ead3466f84a2f9b7f6b2ddd47ebd93b425b3691Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Switch MediaDecoder's mDuration represenation to a double. r=jww
394c85b4a06b268d66a2af4d8dd23a5d2cd6e23cBobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Track the MDSM's duration as a TimeUnit and eliminate the separate concept of 'end time'. r=jww
f4f44192009b8227e71aaf653c0e884a283e0af5Bobby Holley — Bug 1172264 - Require Manual disconnection for all mirrors. r=jww