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Fri Mar 08 16:33:47 2019 +0000
2932c11d19a575880474f01a6862813708697d25Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: disconnect from build system; r=me
25dd3f1e01c9531f272a1c5a51f5a027523dcd23Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix WindowManager docs; r=me a=docs
56727ea2555c86a3b4f1aa60cfd0cc41caec5d8fAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused variables; r=ochameau
64c382608b1c7535c4a01db728c58ad0b44ea1f4Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: format; r=me a=docs
bf6f4ba408150d00add0359b53328a40b7a43268Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: sort imports; r=ochameau
e32546a7d4cde82dc8a0b82bc139e08e65369129Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: drop unused functions in Browser domain; r=ochameau
ed31c156cec021e153dde83fc4875bd57542e178Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: drop unused module imports; r=ochameau
de44fc90347874d7bc98908fed6f7c315f2a43caAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused WindowManager.isWindowIncluded; r=ochameau
9e035690f943de680442317056c18ce52167b903Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused BrowserObserver; r=ochameau
53947dc827ddfbf1eaab8aaa753824c4cffc9ffeAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: upgrade to WebSocket on existing HTTPD; r=ochameau
2dd67c30b7ae9994dadf32a0e2aa41f2268bd7f8Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: add WebSocketServer.upgrade for upgrading existing httpd.js requests; r=ochameau
2c703d235c4c57b2e309510fc6b524ad046a0c4aAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: drop outdated todos; r=me
e94205832ec1a3fb1e5ae624d9e5e220fe66e3f7Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: signal that transport is ready when connection is created; r=ochameau
c750fecfdf21d769179e756ca79a4af4521ca544Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: self-assign id to connection; r=ochameau
1f861b702507b3ab008153021e6e0f2e56e1d3f5Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: clarify error message when unable to start HTTPD; r=ochameau
4696a88c52741e6e4bc141255e80e2f64dfc0743Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: use fatal error when unable to start HTTPD; r=ochameau
932d90008fe2a736df2545c8c5f61af7eb32d771Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: document Session class; r=ochameau
0fa4b12c2f358c3ee38f35d0e6f65afb1c724800Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: emit events when targets connect and disconnect; r=ochameau
d9cce6c1e1531f25d53c15b06e46466386674e09Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: add Log.verbose; r=ochameau
06c54b40f31249275aebae31d17a1aa3add93058Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: associate formatting with error prototype; r=ochameau
2b1bde33c72e847d3963683a7c27301f18ba8407Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unsupported feature in demo; r=ochameau
f298dfa8a1b1fc49671c3577155157275a3835d0Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: format error packets according to puppeteer expectations; r=ato
1244522a15c7f1e97fb6b9f5f1924c12554d668cAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused Target symbol from RemoteAgent; r=ato
e43dbe94d1aa420cfb48d25bb022a9578f6e7faeAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: correctly unregister accepted listener in TargetListener; r=ato
f9eb88415e06e11f3bf58ead711168f633111283Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: destroy the related Session when the WebSocket connection drops; r=ato
45eecaf3a611fd15617ed9f694b02facee912ea8Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: use toolkit's event emitter; r=ato
7ab41ce7425a4402cfffb3cdd17241081972e295Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused EventEmitter interface from Target; r=ato
0c54ddfc1b58319fc5f90b8291bb9e1aeeeffbcaAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused listener argument passed to Connection; r=ato
2988540931598996da8f36f2a0724c9582e1ff3bAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: rename Prefs.jsm to match its exported symbol; r=ato
10dc88c2cacb56110d46fb21fbf57bf50b3499c4Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: stop emitting unused connect/disconnect events; r=ato
9f03512232fb28d951209b1dae8c7f61be48523bAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused informative remote.httpd.* preferences; r=ato
6a8bdb28bc820eeca20ae65ab067ea7565743efbAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: merge Handler into JSONHandler as we only have JSONHandlers; r=ato
2bb69a9505ba13d1ffc45c13d4f0b14b4104343eAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: rename TargetListener.connected to listening; r=ato
8a8c0dcb9486f4ae38ad683c43de21210b4233a6Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: propagate underlying cause to superclass; r=ochameau
11a98da764d1f9f3c4640ae9393fe1880e2c28b3Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: improve error legibility somewhat; r=ochameau
40a677ed5cc4ef21622e1512b066f63e0f118690Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: refactor Domains to not extend Map and wean us off custom EventEmitter; r=ochameau
a1a5fdbf9bc8efaec09854b0202a5f586bd81cc4Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: refactor Session#dispatch; r=ochameau
5ce6f3fcc572aa5d0b8aa65eafc1ed759e76f112Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: destruct domain instances on closing session; r=ochameau
9ffed583c0e4d825ef12b6f95a5d92c811288c63Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: s/remote-protocol/remote/g; r=ochameau
b075e49fca677a355b12e28fcbe2f4ee6d533bf7Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: test that method own property on domain class is function; r=ochameau
0d1d92205068322902f909a7b171a65ea765486fAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: introduce MessagePromise sync primitive; r=ochameau
c26cc4c7f0212a46a076bbce894f505cf199f6a6Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: allow Domains to be implemented in either parent or content processes; r=ato
e3b2b601748cc5263650927d6de6b485975fd6c4Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: display error message and a stack in mochitest; r=ato
cce704488a62b3b64b00c1500da76b4db4e08a6fAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove reference to Network domain in the test; r=ato
b35c2a9a00d24231098fa38de9d4178eee7c659fAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: make Session#receiveMessage slightly more succinct; r=ochameau
2f7767b51e69f23c955628d058ff1897af5085c1Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix lint errors by removing unused variables; r=ochameau
59da827edf022ed0d69517e69c42e768b2623337Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: drop protocol schema validation; r=ochameau
e3d8a66cdad1fcbea0a25ed9948bb51cf26fe086Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: re-add browser_tabs.js test and push head.js to fix the mochitests; r=ato
947ad73d45af739dfe8f699cbe8e4016a8f26f67Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: respond with 500 Internal Server Error if unable to serialise JSON; r=ochameau
65f5581faf6ae4911fcef5bf78c1b61b7e1ec42dAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: use application/json mime type for responses; r=ochameau
02050b4ee473345d8c4118c4183ad65f52a273d8Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix IPv6 loopback hostname; r=ochameau
304bff20aa1f67c8a2eb752ea15ac3498843cdbdAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: move Targets class to separate module; r=ochameau
05d7e3b96382363ce7c49c122b2b0f3131cc0640Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: release test_Session.js under CC-0; r=ochameau
3f8fa17722f6728796836b18169f45d2ffb9f0d7Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: contribute usage instructions; r=me a=docs
f8726e16183fa0e94c9f6016baa17237d690d2c1Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: mention which host it binds to by default in help text; r=ochameau
d4ddf649862bfa911b8d240507e7135597103dd1Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: change flag from --debug to --remote-debugger; r=ochameau
6ee3f621e6b8539b658470ab7faff4caf297a502Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: salvage some code style documentation from Marionette; r=me
705a560085d4fe92a456218784b7ef987fd5b512Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix lint problems related to new browser-chrome tests; r=ochameau
275ad4598e7597a4b4400b1923322937a36bb1f7Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: ignore lint errors in chrome-remote-interface.js; r=ochameau
705542bc7f142ef317e748e703ea7289be81bf3aAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: update testing documentation; r=ochameau
0c3648638c85610915983b21fbd0ff6c1cd8d0acAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove head.js support file to make it possible to execute browser_cdp.js; r=ochameau
4abd3301e8396f25979c91aabcd13424a8eb66b0Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix build by removing non-existent browser_tabs.js test; r=ochameau
16812017daad5a86003e2a04694468a4aac337cfAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: wait for browser element init before creating Target; r=ato
ff4ff4765f3bbe2fd4c8ed29244a616562e6750dAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: add a workaround in chrome-remote-interface to support server; r=ato
c54bbccb690bca1222f86218e390634335e56700Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: add browser mochitest to test the agent via chrome-remote-interface; r=ato
51927b210a1250296e041dc0d23927b7b8242a08Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: add missing Connection.close method called from TargetListener.close; r=ato
8231251f03a49c8821dfd2bce3f54ec27f9f7591Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused nsIRemoteAgent interface; r=ato
819bb544204dc51b9e13294c6b32ff2b1c784a2fAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused modules; r=ato
d7e26a1b6ef71bb156732495eacaa7d97b2dc4f2Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: fix eslint by removing unecessary commas; r=ato
ac7c2e018cb60c5061254fb475f5dbc86ae9a29bAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: update the demo script to use a local page; r=ato
f73d7c3bced49eb09f5f3cf4a0dc6088f931b143Alexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: execute the domains in the content process by piping all WebSocket request, response and events via message manager API; r=ato
bea61357248a8b30038e45bcd03ff65cb78bba1cAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: stop binding JSM exported globals on this; r=ato
294ef13003d0af560050b19944ce032b3384af7dAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: fix exporting formatError; r=ato
290a558818ef8fb2c2765ab5b4f2fa26d82e13ddAlexandre Poirot — bug 1523104: remote: fix TargetListener export; r=ato
f1d96bc260510c3a0f0744f66a9535b8a495995aAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: s/despatch/dispatcher/g; r=ochameau
af7a76690b8a73614b46fd18fd154035f0afde91Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused ChildRemoteAgent; r=ochameau
7b87252c4a31fb5c7ca60bcb40afeddb98609cc8Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: document what a Target is; r=ochameau
9b980764075b45495edaa76cb54a4604370aeabeAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix eslint error; r=ochameau
f7e7800294cb265b8c11262a6df0a4a192d214ffAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: rename Debugger to TargetListener; r=ochameau
3e150e389aaad5330cd522114cb8fe3123079e93Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix links to mailing list; r=ochameau
67c34144b0728fb7f99c07755639aa990be63af9Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: refer to correct bugzilla product in documentation; r=ochameau
63370914ed49628d33847df762bc1192b10c0ddbAndreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: remove unused index; r=ochameau
4f3ebf4a8f5a224f86e08207bad9620222f8f6a8Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: fix incorrect directory name for documentation; r=ochameau
e566701d45e0d55e3508a22870bd1449ee3d9d63Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: identify firefox-source-docs.m.o location absolutely; r=ochameau
51a9ef380658acb20161db7d572fb25f95ba37e0Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1523104: remote: initial cdp prototype; r=ochameau
Fri Mar 08 16:20:29 2019 +0000
2de00f879e07cfb7b9b7eb4451cbd85c7ad12733Mihai Tabara — Bug 1523699 - add WNP list for 66.0 r=flod a=release