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Mon Mar 19 23:22:49 2012 +0000
fb2cb3d55cb462df8846e2bdaea8916fa20f9b80Simon Montagu — Add a mParagraphDepth member to BidiParagraphData and cache it on frames to track nested bidi-isolated paragraphs. Use mParagraphDepth (* 2 + isRTL in order to keep LTR even and RTL odd) as the initial paragraph embedding level instead of pushing a stack of embedding codes. Pass the <bdi> frame instead of its first-child to BidiParagraphData::Reset and save a call to GetParent(). Split inline ancestors before and after bidi-isolated paragraphs, in the same way that we currently do between runs in different directions. This required also adding code to SplitInlineAncestors to handle situations where the parent frame is being split before its first child or after its last child. In JoinInlineAncestors, prevent frames that belong to paragraphs isolated from one another from being rejoined. Bug 712600, r=ehsan, roc
d6c771785221a54b6b0e062d8b050892dc96c9c6Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin — Tests for bug 712600. r=smontagu
Mon Mar 19 23:15:59 2012 +0000
0e65d7c19bea7474f560f054eac829adedcb11c7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 735741: Factor out UI in about:home [r=mfinkle]
Mon Mar 19 23:05:35 2012 +0000
1025245219840696fc75cb92d6586c4c4033d7c9Vladan Djeric — Bug 735829. Report PDB filename in chrome hang reports. r=ehsan