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Tue Apr 10 21:03:02 2012 +0000
1664d00a1d242878c8e214db86a45c483e29b6faLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - add ALIASEDVAR ops, assert they are used iff the variable is aliased (r=bhackett,waldo,jorendorff,dherman)
fa24b215d49e781ccee44780c34230a3b524de5bLuke Wagner — Bug 740446 - make 'arguments' more like a normal local binding (r=bhackett)
4c298ca28fa6580ecdeeb72964ff592ba4cecdbbLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - Assert that dynamic binding access is expected (r=bhackett)
3bc6b34d23daf6df7f38f2fe48c6388d408454eaLuke Wagner — Bug 740259 - Tighten assertions around closed-var noting (r=bhackett)