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Thu Jul 04 18:47:15 2013 +0000
77c0bebf47edc45b2788610af83a8fa0edea8711Joe Drew — Bug 717872 - Make blending functions take const source parameters so it's a little less likely that we modify things in mFrames again. r=seth
233906d2c528364165871b7a32d347c7f647d35dJoe Drew — Bug 717872 - Don't change the content of mFrames, even when it'd be faster. r=seth
920eb0b4939e20428fb41c9cb2cf282dba232024Joe Drew — Bug 717872 - Remove the imgFrame* helpers from FrameBlender now that we always have raw data pointers. r=seth
4210dd438a369ed1d2c47efd3ee21904e7db4685Joe Drew — Bug 717872 - Store a frame's raw image data pointer beside its imgFrame pointer so we can access it without having to lock the frame. r=seth
8e2e52c72e42031c7da46fc63b96aa46190b5be2Joe Drew — Bug 795737 - To avoid Cairo assertions, call Flush when we MarkDirty too, because we can draw locked images, which adds snapshots to the Cairo surfaces. r=Bas
6bc751e34867b78facdf9be40bb49cfafea04229Joe Drew — Bug 888499 - Mark frames as dirty in a threadsafe way when imgFrame::ImageUpdated is called on them, and clear that dirty bit when we're drawing. r=seth