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Fri Oct 23 02:03:07 2015 +0000
6dc0a7e6f79178df535c0c55358cb0c51aa09c10Jeff Walden — Bug 1217069 - Don't attempt to mis-optimize JSON.stringify's filter-list creation for replacer arrays with trailing holes. r=arai
bc949d6e3aaab935712bf73430cadb7bc6d7fe26Jeff Walden — Bug 1215430 - Refactor RegExp code to be more spec-like in its ordering of things, and eliminate the confusing statefulness of RegExpObjectBuilder. r=efaust
8009ed0eb3a6ddd265fc236c0478f73130a9f07fJeff Walden — Bug 1215430 - Inline the guts of the shared method implementing |new RegExp(...)| and |RegExp.prototype.compile| into each separate method, for clarity. r=efaust