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Tue Feb 18 04:08:15 2014 +0000
bcba561c4e53872d39c874892723cde1526be891L. David Baron — Bug 434102: Make outlines behave reasonably on XUL tree pseudo-elements again. r=roc
beff43e0a138794ad463c6447dd327f240d5428cL. David Baron — Bug 480888 patch 5: Add tests that should catch the regression across platforms that was previously caught only by a reftest on Android.
83a2b19f7492fd07b0aa133bca65b0e91c54f49dL. David Baron — Bug 709014 patch 1: Honor margin-left and margin-right on elements in inline layout that have 0 width and/or height (commonly, inline-blocks). r=roc
72c0c955cf53298175b1da4a1b399ceb7c4a598dL. David Baron — Make fix-linux-stack handle addresses with lowercase hexidecimal, since that seems to be the thing these days. No bug.
94c9aad3bbf0ce1a4df1f37e88cf18f2ebceeff6L. David Baron — Bug 965655: Revert test disabling from changeset 8a0d810a0cca now that bug 969590 (switch of test slaves) is fixed.