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Wed Oct 03 02:09:02 2012 +0000
24b61485c945c35effea9278e54f8685ae9880f0Julian Seward — Bug 795284. r=blassey
fe034183d766cabe18311f5dc1f8a290f67c823aBrendan Dahl — Bug 789507 - Add watchdog for mozPrintCallbacks. r=smaug
0ae09da96f63b1d283822be4de3f5a90e60e9ae7Anthony Jones — Bug 740580 - Add Azure support to nsCanvasFrame. r=roc
5ff5e81e6de6b5640188f03294be1ec643c3dd11George Wright — Bug 740580 - Add support for Azure DrawTargets to BasicLayers. r=Bas
0cd12dcf7f8f2e5fb55951dec5e5bfa876e177faGeorge Wright — Bug 740580 - Make GetShmInfoPtr() a static method on the gfxSharedImageSurface class. r=Bas
4d5e812682389945e07e5a4bc40a1d695cba6d61Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
635fcc11d2b16265114d6bbc02768d007f73d66bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
e679d2e1d02ddfbca75aa1296bac9316b8ed1e19Matt Woodrow — Bug 796183 - Always invalidate the widget when doing empty transactions with a LayerManager. r=roc
0c23e26472bb80ae0963f6fb97c3f35465b1edf7Matt Woodrow — Bug 795899 - Remove merged frame handling in BuildContainerLayerFor. r=roc
965f6dc789bee350b8939eaf13155fb6d8d9045aGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Remove suppressions that were commented out since they did not show up again and their original bug reports had stacks with no line numbers. DONTBUILD
b1684a374f72f40b50d4e63cec2fcf22d1df3737Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 797093 - Fix running mochitests through mach; r=gps