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Wed Jan 08 08:51:07 2014 +0000
61ba6198da7c0e25fb95bc3976e1dbad0faa7638Karl Tomlinson — b=957468 don't unset mNonRealtimeProcessing after offline graph completion r=roc
02eca42adbbbabd7147608902c9ae9cc6e15fb61Karl Tomlinson — b=943461 don't move messages from mCurrentTaskMessageQueue after it has been emptied r=roc
59b94799b064f8d7efbaaf9e136bea1692d91f81Karl Tomlinson — b=956604 optimize inverse FFT scaling during convolution r=padenot
3555983eb8d23d538f2bc266e649d4ab3bb6dbfcKarl Tomlinson — b=956604 Remove unnecessary channel count parameter from AudioBufferInPlaceScale r=padenot
b73bf63d70c82fda2062109cf12eed553e100702Karl Tomlinson — b=956604 rename block version of AudioBufferInPlaceScale to AudioBlockInPlaceScale r=padenot
Wed Jan 08 08:25:38 2014 +0000
a443aaba92c06e117ac3e01559e944a88fbcc3fbSteve Fink — Bug 956434 - Apply gczeal to object cache allocations, r=terrence
0f5f6f400d978d97457f6bde0333dfeecb712b66Steve Fink — Bug 956434 - Do not pass an internal pointer on the stack, r=terrence