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Fri Aug 05 07:08:59 2016 +0000
52a0d2d7639717858ce6868c19a37b95e7039736Decky Coss — Bug 1287655 - place textarea/input cursor at end of text when initialized; r=smaug
00afd3c93ccfa9877c36ae7fda355d02658f1e87Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 918752 - Override Accept request header to */* in XMLHttpRequest::Send() if it is not specified by the user. r=jst
cb1f1638d126b11f3f1022bb6898eaa858092c60Sander Mathijs van Veen — Bug 1279992 - Inline constructor of typed arrays with non-compile-time known size r=jandem,Waldo