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Sat Jan 06 10:58:52 2018 +0000
a85c5795cc6f0db71e13288e849ef47b2f225270Jonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 8 - Refactor gfxFT2FontBase glyph-width code so that we properly respect variations when getting character widths during InitMetrics. r=lsalzman
944248bbe7adaaf6eea61d22d163309fd99057a7Jonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 7 - Work around buggy FreeType metrics APIs when using variation fonts with FT versions prior to 2.8.2. r=lsalzman
89faa23196eaf6bef55e712663bb0f01f8247f18Jonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 6 - Tidy up and refactor code for creating FcPattern for an FT_Face and vice versa. r=lsalzman
78fe966a5d43de3b05066a0da697baa960c6fd3fJonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 5 - Also for system-installed fonts, create a separate FcPattern and face for each instance when variations are present. r=lsalzman
d6e329f15f6ab2ca85c7daef5ce0370a1327cd00Jonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 4 - For downloadable fonts that have variations, create a separate FT_Face for each instance used. r=lsalzman
54896137200d457c307690840e1efa02b7567466Jonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 3 - Add variation data to the cairo_ft_*_font objects, so they can properly track instances of the same font resource used with different variation parameters. r=lsalzman
1070a455ef173c643fa398a15e0033ea491a0bddJonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 2 - Convert variation values into FreeType's data type, and apply them to the FT_Face. r=lsalzman
f9033e71d7284bcaaf1b831e7b5b879be59f60adJonathan Kew — Bug 1427641 - patch 1 - Get glyph widths directly from the FreeType face, instead of via a cairo scaled_font wrapper. r=lsalzman