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Thu Oct 27 19:53:46 2016 +0000
2a31079dae25Michael Layzell — Bug 1310345 - Change FindChildWithName and related methods to take nsAString& instead of char16_t*, r=bz
74ef5b08ae25Michael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 7: Updates to apply correctly after noopener changes, r=smaug
fc29cabb300bMichael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 6: Correctly set the opener when creating new tabs on android, r=smaug
11f778f3ea30Michael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 5: Remove a window namespacing test due to window namespacing behavior changes, r=ehsan
3515eb43f05aMichael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 4: Merge mFrameLoader and mOpener into mFrameLoaderOrOpener, r=smaug
7ee25aab52f5Michael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 3: Update the named window resolution logic to be scoped to TabGroup instead of being process-global, r=bz
24d65b1e1a76Michael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 2: Connect the DocGroup and TabGroup objects to nsGlobalWindow and nsDocument, ensuring that Opener is set early enough that it is correct, r=smaug
fe339dd59a01Michael Layzell — Bug 1303196 - Part 1: Add the DocGroup and TabGroup Objects, r=billm