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Mon Jun 08 16:19:52 2015 +0000
e637319144d3906ef28aa51348de900e49c79c56Michael Layzell — Bug 1027560 - Return false from document.execCommand() and friends when not in editable document. r=ehsan
e68096bfbf3962aa8ed5d7e87942d70d896a2efbJan Horak — Bug 1129873 - [GTK3] Implement wrapper to GtkAppChooserDialog to allow using native application chooser. r=karlt
a6f9a20a2bccc66386231a07e1849ec0307778c0David Parks — Bug 1125325 - Store TabParents with their WindowRoot. r=smaug
e49c45545fe4746e8a54a09856b2f5e90099059eDavid Parks — Bug 1125325 - Make TabParent/TabChild UpdateDimensions messages aware of the display scale. r=kats
a318923da99bc9fbcf834dd555b393acba0802caMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1171171 - Make sure the graphics preferences are initialized early enough. r=billm
6d1ae04935f14d32a7c7fd52d6627e20115ae7b2Karl Dubost — Bug 1171828 - Remove UA override for domains (starting 2015-06-05). r=lmandel
01a30dd26b276f3752fa4bc7e02070b68a4ee3fbKelly Davis — Bug 1171850 - Remove 'models' dir from MODELSPS_DEST as the dir 'models' now comes from MODELSPS_FILES. r=gps
a2ed39faf480887481781ac38fa83a9a28a0d059Randall Barker — Bug 659285 - Extend media.autoplay.enabled to provide a way to disable untrusted play() invocations. r=cpearce
795725455d95f8a5e8ebcc51462c06be66da6870Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1170084 - Dispatch CaretStateChangedEvent via AsyncEventDispatcher. r=mtseng