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Sat Nov 02 07:59:39 2013 +0000
eb66a2aa121ee943d38b2011b970fa6dfac31618Robert O'Callahan — Fix annotations for tests that are fixed by the patches in bug 911889.
82578c63ceb5d59ecd690bc1364d512181006f66Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 7: A single change to CSS 'transform' should not be treated as animation. r=dbaron
ed7763980b353f5c3f126684c0339cbe2e8acd60Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 6: A scripted change to or in a setTimeout or requestAnimationFrame callback should trigger our "style property is animated" heuristic. r=dbaron
a871905cadb7cef04565d837ed39bc3a560c0b8eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 5. Add API to detect whether an nsRefreshDriver is in the middle of a refresh. r=dbaron
f5460f84de3ea25dd3b95548959dfb5d6f00bbfdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 4. Add API to detect whether an nsGlobalWindow is running a timeout handler. r=bz
4adca2b4f651cd27cd055b1ff4bb6404e69ab9ceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 3: Create nsLayoutUtils::HasAnimations, and suppress opacity:0 optimizations whenever there's any opacity animation even if it's not using the compositor. r=dbaron
09abc00886bdb5eb9c9b8ff7166b5c3014735623Robert O'Callahan — Bug 911889. Part 2: Refactor MarkLayersActive code into its own class and be much more explicit about what it does. r=mattwoodrow
Sat Nov 02 07:06:17 2013 +0000
29a30f4e9ad51ce20d91fda17a2bddcbe459da73Jonathan Watt — Bug 931996 - Add an AppendEllipseToPath helper to Moz2D. r=Bas
f9b22be50b69ed0b73649267283e5be4f07d54bfJonathan Watt — Bug 931915, part 1 - Add an AppendRoundedRectToPath helper to Moz2D. r=Bas