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Wed Dec 21 22:04:26 2011 +0000
88663cf7f5c1bfbf071ed7e8464f8e1ebdb4a17cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 700221. Don't pay attention to whether author color are allowed when deciding whether a change to a non-color property should drop native theming. r=dbaron
2ea529d88ec1bb68fd77c9805c4569a655b25c1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 711557. Expose js::ObjectClass via friendapi. r=waldo
Wed Dec 21 21:51:59 2011 +0000
916876a3db976b54c3ea5b28162b06fceeb21b0aaceman — Bug 711721 - merge nsIScriptError and nsIScriptError2 interfaces; r=neil, sr=bzbarsky
70af9bf2a4dc3b912755d551169730db5b3e5991Boris Zbarsky — Bug 302566. Show canvas fallback content when script is disabled. r=tnikkel
a1b1f449a7fe87f16efee3c95923d9655908de78Boris Zbarsky — Bug 710917. Moving hover from a button to text in the label containing the button should keep the button's hover state. r=dbaron