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Wed Oct 14 19:06:04 2015 +0000
5baceaa01feee58e5dee795f9ef3bd2a596c8448Jonathan Kew — Bug 1211867 - Use the font's NBSP glyph (if present) rather than rendering NBSP using the standard <space> glyph. r=jdaggett
67084d8fe8860db544eb9435f0600f88039c00fdFrédéric Wang — Bug 1193050 - Update OTS to latest upstream version. r=jfkthame
c341ed5e63409a03a901daf9d5252ee0e57b9bdcJonathan Kew — Bug 1193050 - Update the copy of GentiumPlus used in font-inspector test. r=jdaggett
1540a81d3c0040562fad3969e134f2a96c4ae7fbJonathan Kew — Bug 1211141 - Update to latest harfbuzz from upstream (release 1.0.5). r=jdaggett