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Thu Mar 29 19:10:10 2018 +0000
6a806cbc25a763f24bf27c1beb5aeef8987282d8David Major — Bug 1448306: Run Binscope on more files. r=froydnj
c6669ef7d04d1df43b92278e677c70a6a753c938David Major — Bug 1448306: Newer Binscope no longer communicates status via return code. r=froydnj
fd3cb62ee635249e23e445749b2f60582b44f7dbDavid Major — Bug 1448306: Update path to BinScope 2014 and make it available to all Windows builds. r=froydnj
991e17b4fafa43bde62f1724ae7af2eb598b9465David Major — Bug 1448306: Allow BinScope to run on clang-cl builds. r=froydnj
2d22f513669f372690e695d172fe4b1d89892cb8David Major — Bug 1448306: Update checks for BinScope 2014. r=froydnj