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Thu Dec 21 21:44:07 2017 +0000
55bd77a4e5bc3ed6cf4d400ffd202c7f20d4e846Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426234 part 3. Simplify ProcessStyleLink now that it's only called for Link headers. r=mystor
2569ef6ea5260dcefdae96fa8892229809cf5082Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426234 part 2. Stop calling nsContentSink::ProcessStyleLink for XML PIs. r=mystor
fca3912d10770f4720ab286013ad650370860ac2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426234 part 1. Fix preexisting bug where disabling prefetch/preload would turn off HTTP Link headers for stylesheets. r=mystor