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Thu Apr 28 05:48:21 2016 +0000
3c4b7e1de6290ef6e21f2f9e17f99ee5a04f47c6Jeff Walden — Bug 1263778 - Rename a bunch of low-level [[Prototype]] access methods to make their interactions with statically-known and dynamically-computed [[Prototype]]s clearer. r=efaust
fc1b655d1080f56248817d4ecb1c5446376f6c19Jeff Walden — Bug 1264896 - Kill off nsIRemoteTagService and do what it does, in its sole caller, in far-faster C++. r=billm
6cfb92e3d2c74d81e7ac74058bb2d624613859bfJeff Walden — Bug 888969 - Make the getPrototypeOf/setPrototypeOf traps scriptable. r=efaust, r=bholley
216e182ff23281b924a013affa226f02f0c44d90Jeff Walden — CSE some multiply-repeated ToFloatRegister(...) and such in some of the JIT backends into local variables for readability. No bug, r=bbouvier