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Thu Feb 09 01:05:07 2017 +0000
ed7112dfd38530f84a4f4be833181eedd2945b86Bobby Holley — Bug 1333183 - Prime the root element cache before the servo traversal. r=emilio
fadf7c2a257fbd6ae3f68bde9a9c679b15e391e2Bobby Holley — Bug 1335303 - Explicitly set up the bool var cache for BrowserFramesEnabled. r=smaug
321ea09ee89727e768443d6979c69a32a1ae3befBobby Holley — Bug 1335303 - Add a virtual method to avoid QI to nsIMozBrowserFrame. r=smaug
9f080fde040f4d7f26ab112a98a03da13f2013a9Bobby Holley — Bug 1335317 - Avoid calling StyleEffects() during the parallel traversal. r=heycam
61cd520a005731c6f924bf0bf1e32c8667db0817Bobby Holley — Bug 1335308 - Proxy mSpecifiedTransform releases that occur during the servo traversal to the main thread. r=heycam
a00867c65c4940d0f35a24b79b137fdc8bd9d672Bobby Holley — Bug 1335308 - Assert against destroying images and counters in generated content off-main-thread. r=emilio
9d10905855f909aeebec4f3ec53d5c53144c0e41Bobby Holley — Bug 1335308 - Assert against releasing refcounted nsCSSValue members off-main-thread. r=heycam
ee7bdede91b64ed541a45dccc04023caf3177c11Bobby Holley — Bug 1335308 - Assert against non-length units in Gecko_CSSValue_SetAbsoluteLength. r=emilio
f15fdc6205273c76968985a6f800e9491bce0296Bobby Holley — Bug 1335308 - Assert main thread in Gecko_LoadStyleSheet. r=emilio
2869274f65328c501ae368e8d26a417a45211c09Bobby Holley — Bug 1335305 - Don't cache stringifications for CSS declaration blocks during parallel traversal. r=bz
93327d92cc476b1db357254a073bbc1fb8460ebeBobby Holley — Bug 1335319 - Add a global flag indicating that we're in the servo traversal. r=bz