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Thu Dec 27 17:36:05 2012 +0000
268fe9874d9dfc3f883237c288578032eca04aebJeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Remove all remaining uses of JSRESOLVE_QUALIFIED, and the few remaining tests (which were pretty much purely diagnostic). r=luke
f9f27086d5de4f6a1035abdfa8339ea3f58c5398Jeff Walden — Bug 824163 - Properly specify the path to the user.js to be put into the jsreftest profile so that it's not affected by the test subset being run. r=ted
c7da4138801e1b217d75e64bf0a41803676806e1Jeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Followup comment typo fix. r=lumpy
6e5acaff8239634f6ccc30107768c87038e799f1Jeff Walden — Bug 756709 - Make ThreadLocal::set crash on failure (which really can only happen if per-thread memory for the TLS entry couldn't be allocated, which should be really rare). r=Ms2ger