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Wed Sep 30 02:40:13 2015 +0000
1abba55f3790e39fc2d4bd35545c87051f40805cJW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 6 - IsWaitingOnCDMResource() is not used by MDSM anymore. Remove it from MediaDecoderReader and make it private in MediaFormatReader. r=cpearce.
f946f0d4e017c7fbbddc765e4db01e7eba86e3c8JW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 5 - MDSM can now query capabilities from CDMProxy without reader setting them in MediaInfo. r=cpearce.
20b1d715338b972874f8bed076a176425dcaec0dJW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 4 - remove AbstractMediaDecoder::GetCDMProxy() and devirtualize MediaDecoder::SetCDMProxy(). r=cpearce.
db7c6afb4cb72bb00846c7766c952705c8031d03JW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 3 - forward the CDMProxy from MediaDecoder to MediaDecoderReader via MDSM. r=cpearce.
f589a524b7a59205117680cb641e1de110bb891dJW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 2 - add MediaDecoderReader::SetCDMProxy so it won't need to ask MediaDecoder for a CDMProxy. r=cpearce.
960ffcf50053f1d71fb00c197c457598e81c0ce0JW Wang — Bug 1208922. Part 1 - add MediaDecoder::RequestCDMProxy() which resolves when a CDMProxy is set and capabilities are known. The client code won't need to handle the situation where a CDMProxy is set but capabilities are still unknown. This simplifies the client code a lot. r=cpearce.