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Sun Jul 17 08:15:20 2016 +0000
1d657d984bed365b1c2bdc499532cf34c60b1eddTim Huang — Bug 1282660 - Part 2 : Add a test cast to test that style editor can load stylesheets correctly with containers. r=gl
f57d23de8ac2b6645624f120b2508c8542eca412Tim Huang — Bug 1282660 - Part 1 : Make the devtools uses nodePrincipal instead of the system principal when fetching stylesheets. r=gl
f52c26d677b09dd07a3967d1b294776e2c4559e3Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 918703 - Part 2: Correct progress event logic so events are sent in the correct order and with the correct values according to spec. r=baku
9c04250731112aaf2a6774aa79e7781851e8a5b6Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 918703 - Part 1: Remove MaybeDispatchProgressEvents() and have its callsites only do what they need to do, to make the XHR code more readable. r=baku