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Wed Mar 18 11:00:37 2015 +0000
b976b2dc1a26b3b500d7c96e14e4cce4a339e94aDaniel Stenberg — Bug 1144040 - Coverity detected uninitialized nsHttpHandler members, r=mcmanus
f3d7d48771f95aacc10bab18653970f45b08cf84Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1144031 - fix use of uninitialized variable, r=mcmanus
54ab128ef1c058596198766ab4373c4d1a73432eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1140808 - Shut down the active entries table when the cache service is shut down. r=michal
8d51dbc085b58f46c2a77dccc1682c58f39cc25fBenjamin Chen — Bug 1138825 - Fix the crash at mAudioPromise: call decode audio data when the audio queue is empty and check the mAudioPromise is empty or not. r=sotaro
3d582311e619083d74ad4e118520fcc9312ad8c7Cykesiopka — Bug 1131227 - Make the about:certerror Unknown Issuer string mention missing intermediates and unimported roots. r=keeler