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Fri Apr 22 13:52:14 2016 +0000
46ac1843cd89aa95ce8b6f0e97db82d7cb997e8eBen Kelly — Bug 1265795 P4 Always call nsDocument::SetScriptGlobalObject(nullptr) from nsDocument::Destroy(). r=bz
f3bc58b4de70cd7e4ef0ca161d8149545023b294Ben Kelly — Bug 1265795 P3 Assert that controlled documents have an outer window. r=bz
7ee57ef9f2904d052215b6974acc3d0db9fc97d0Ben Kelly — Bug 1265795 P2 Add a web-platform-test for the window navigation case. r=bz
51a007dd9060d9e95d9023f437807ecb1bbbe95dBen Kelly — Bug 1265795 P1 Uncontrolled service workers when global is removed from document. r=bz