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Mon Jun 17 05:22:24 2013 +0000
f2d55d17a0d88c1698ccfc2279a2d47dd4295540Robert O'Callahan — Bug 876092. Copy the DisplayItemClip into OutOfFlowDisplayData instead of storing a pointer. r=mats
2f2351cb25794c4d712c6070c102add9a035be18Robert O'Callahan — Bug 875060. Make display:-moz-stack/-moz-inline-stack elements which are overflow:hidden clip all their descendants, including those for which it is not the containing block. r=mats
3acb52b2a6defe5918c78212e1315793fa8b906fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 882027. Make MediaDecoder::UpdateReadyStateForData always be responsible for calling GetNextFrameStatus when that value is passed to HTMLMediaElement::UpdateReadyStateForData, but keep calling GetNextFrameStatus on the state machine thread to suppress dispatching of redundant runnables when nothing has changed. r=cpearce