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Fri Sep 11 11:31:01 2015 +0000
efe681ac063f4e62014d552c29fb2c971e2deaeeJames Graham — Bug 1194166 - Update unittest mozconfigs for all platforms, r=chmanchester,jlund
bfcbce193ccf9d6c286300fe5a1595a6d88858f4James Graham — Bug 1193257 - Make xpcshell harness command line arguments path filters for tests, r=ahal
bb035419fd9cc2b5739132dff41136d3910c05e6James Graham — Bug 1193224 - Remove vestigial --tests-root-dir option from xpcshell tests, r=ahal
eb2d48b71c370e3eba7c7933d2a94d017e771ba3James Graham — Bug 1198257 - Better support for providing a directory name and discovering reftests under that directory, r=jmaher
0d6532c1e99efe43ba6b51fef198dbc583b87c94James Graham — Bug 1193223 - Add reftest support to mach test, r=chmanchester
da3dd2f650d0f664dfaf1d67754b1f8db99ef66cJames Graham — Bug 1181516 - Allow reftests to take paths to multiple directories containing tests on the command line, r=jmaher
29c33bbaac01f1741c653b46e706f67bb24d71c5James Graham — Bug 1181520 - Remove support for passing in reftest arguments via the command line, r=jmaher