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Sun Sep 09 21:39:28 2012 +0000
2ac59f2a050f6c893e8b2390bf9ee83f59f38ef8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 789763 - Annotate the fuzzy antialiased text in reftests/transform-3d/scale3d-all.html and scale3d-all-separate.html on OS X 10.8
fcfc952bcb18b95512f577267a8fa5dff4f6405ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 789762 - Annotate the fuzzy antialiasing in reftests/svg/text-layout-01.svg on OS X 10.8
d9b27c82a11f749ea3eb2facd943d4c74e6d41b2Phil Ringnalda — Bug 789761 - Annotate reftests/list-item/numbering-1.html as being a little fuzzy on OS X 10.8
5de0ae33b39bd73d21937bfc04329a589d9c9705Phil Ringnalda — Bug 789760 - Annotate reftests/bugs/621918-1.svg as being a bit fuzzy on OS X 10.8
40c426031280ebefc79a49f4a4266697440af020Phil Ringnalda — Bug 789759 - Annotate 363858-5a.html and 363858-6a.html reftests as being a tiny bit fuzzy on OS X 10.8
349231ac63a12624ae4e40baf9087d37d337cef4Phil Ringnalda — Switch reftest conditions for OSX to use the OSX variable from bug 789771 instead of a regex
ebff207c2574d99c8af2eb94e300d40d20489184L. David Baron — Bug 789771 - Add an OSX variable to the reftest condition sandbox to make it easier to test Mac OS X versions, r=roc
4f0f5bf7a824e115561d3e2bcace3c7407288f8aZack Weinberg — Bug 448193 - add reftest that didn't get added, or noticed since it was commented out, and annotate it as fuzzy
5edb40fdafe5cc9200ffa64ef2e7decaa7417c66Phil Ringnalda — Bug 402807 - uncomment the reftest now that we have better tools for dealing with intermittent per-platform failures (if it still does fail)