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Mon Jul 09 22:33:58 2018 +0000
1a27b17ba6a63450707973266f7d19581b0f5a86Nathan Froyd — Bug 1444171 - use the order file during re-link with clang-cl; r=glandium
eb28d28e00717947f59a5db318563fffff80885fNathan Froyd — Bug 1444171 - Add pgo-generate-only source functionality; r=glandium
e96225163a763f78c0b7857bfdbb3b999e3ef97bNathan Froyd — Bug 1444171: Generate profiling instrumentation for clang-cl in PGO builds; r=glandium
7aacbb4551bec8c86a5d532d660d99583608f863Nathan Froyd — Bug 1444171: Perform an actual clobber for profiledbuild with clang-cl; r=gps
465d19904f09327988de1dc8a7af311548f92e47Nathan Froyd — Bug 1444171: Make clang-cl work with OBJS_VAR_SUFFIX as well; r=gps