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Thu Sep 22 13:48:59 2016 +0000
e504c894014811e06f017e5f235c2df6d3ab54b7Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1248555: Tests only; r=sunfish
68ae4c840079fdb5690790406e4e1e93e85ddffaBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1248555: Move {Read,Create}{I64|CustomNaN}Object into WasmJS.h; r=luke
cef1dab54ded86ee0d67337c4818f57a25672058Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1248555: Addendum: support uncanonicalized NaNs in globals too; r=luke
1984eea180d68e0123238721c7a1bc3ddf61013bBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1248555: Use integers as a low-level representation of floating-point values; r=luke