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Tue Sep 15 17:15:47 2015 +0000
e38a5ece0995e70472f6889653212373a55ab081Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P8 nsCORSListenerProxy::OnStartRequest must always call outer OnStartRequest. r=ehsan
2ceadfc720f2a4a19ac38c18b198db3dc74610f7Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P7 Fix e10s handling on interceptions resulting in redirect status codes. r=jdm
46dc7055da667e7ccd5fa97262de7ff2674ebd03Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P6 Re-enable some mochitests on e10s that were disabled due to serialization issue. r=nsm
52093388544adaa41d3abfe0413d60763a7f1a7dBen Kelly — Bug 1203680 P5 Make ServiceWorkerManager ensure channel upload stream is cloneable. r=nsm
0c0bfeb70612ef41aa093eb0158b840fc7ad1115Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P4 Fix bug in nsStorageStream with reading streams created before data is populated. r=froydnj
278ddd4793c39195bbf156bb70b6838d845ea04aBen Kelly — Bug 1203680 P3 Add a method to ensure an http upload stream is directly cloneable. r=mcmanus
4d35af8a3b5db8b1dc25bddf4b38ef15ee3253f8Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P2 Implement an NS_InputStreamIsCloneable() method. r=froydnj
1231d6e5af3e7e94fdadc48f04466d5164f00ee5Ben Kelly — Bug 1203680 P1 Test file blob uploads with service worker interception. r=nsm