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Tue Aug 26 22:28:53 2014 +0000
c3474588bddd7fb10b32bd9b6b931b1a4efb506fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1050788 - Fix a bug where cairo's region clipping code incorrectly handled empty clips. r=jrmuizel
5ee7a98d1e2fe5fd290f23bad457a1b098331fa5Matt Woodrow — Bug 1050788 - Add test for complex path that is entirely clipped out. r=roc
c9e48790f6fa33dd04dfa1ce0009a5658dc2a636Matt Woodrow — Bug 1057216 - Make DrawTargetCG hold a reference to DataSourceSurface when we're wrapping their data. r=jrmuizel
247755b96ab8513391ca537fbe82e24f68ac7167Matt Woodrow — Bug 1057211 - Use DrawTargetDual for component alpha layers when tiling so that we get correct PushGroupAndCopyBackground behaviour. r=nical
e1d9104a958f4231ff96aaf3c128bce1e0869188Matt Woodrow — Bug 1056171 - Account for continuations when generating background clip areas. r=roc