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Fri Jul 08 04:38:07 2016 +0000
a92d0eec5c91eb50116758bf14d05fde28bf788aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 15. Get rid of the wantsXrays configuration annotation. Just set bindings to want Xrays if they're exposed in Window. r=khuey
4082fdfd16fb2e87556f948bb09e3c3edfdd9fb1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 14. Remove the now-unused skipGen bits from binding code. r=khuey
762c289ada581c1cef856ab16b241355c2d6c7bcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 13. Get rid of the concept of worker vs non-worker descriptors. r=khuey
5014c7d22f2fa4e01822949e7c54467a08c16d0aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 12. Simplify CGRegisterWorkerBindings now that there are no more worker descriptors. r=khuey
7b7cf5270426b8153bf86cca34152dff04cd1744Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 11. Get rid of getRelevantProviders, since all the places that use it have a Configuration. r=khuey
dfa4d5a42b52c6eaa6bcbbca54595713cc3131bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 10. Store only one descriptor per interface name in the configuration. r=khuey
4565bfc8b866fd71c33201179daeb9ead66419fdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 9. Get rid of the concept of mainthread callbacks or worker callbacks; just codegen all the callbacks. r=khuey
4c5ea0b7a3d109be6e8f20e623c3530205432f63Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 8. Remove Configuration.getDescriptorProvider. r=khuey
2de33eb0bb321a55cd66168d2440281b5420d466Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 7. Make the binding Configuration a non-workers DescriptorProvider. r=khuey
64424f160c3a9c5c8daa38bdc9414146c44f03c4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 6. Simplify the toBindingNamespace function now that there are no worker bindings. r=khuey
bd7880a9663687a997d7842b71815b5277c2965aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 5. Remove remaining checks for worker descriptors from r=khuey
5efc76268adf0434620f5abf1f2301330256ea58Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 4. Remove the worker-only XXX comments from CGWrapGlobalMethod, since we never have worker descriptors for globals anyway. r=khuey
1d6e808cafc5a32afc2a1435442367129f676a54Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 3. Remove filteredSignatures, since it's a no-op unless we're dealing with a worker descriptor. r=khuey
0383f585a64fca4a8bdb2eb53be992933523b0f5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 2. Remove isMaybeExposedIn, since it always returns true now. r=khuey
f2e423fbd09c29dd0e6d80c2336c9ab994dc2273Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1257037 part 1. Remove the worker-descriptor-related complexity in getControllingCondition, since workerDesc.workers never tests true anymore. r=khuey