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Wed Mar 06 18:06:54 2013 +0000
abe7aef127314e127acb0ee00830b72f97ee183cJan Beich — Bug 848264 - Explicitly include <cstdlib> after bug 835542. r=Waldo
376272970f901773b42214d75bd773bdc57eb7dfMilan Sreckovic — Bug 848023 - Put back the override of fGetIntegerv for max texture sizes. r=bjacob
bc115ba15bb61ddef8f79c2c00c7d7fe58592c61Milan Sreckovic — Bug 848023 - Use the same adjusted max texture size everywhere. r=bjacob
ddf8cdc9d2e3220dac570534b1ff42e9a58bc433Pranav Ravichandran — Bug 847928 - Element type of a WebIDL array must not be a sequence or dictionary type. r=bzbarsky
569168aed87a728a278e26bb84e5d6e48325a47cCODeRUS — Bug 845350 - QtGeolocation provider does not work due "using namespace QtMobility;" in cpp, not header. r=romaxa
2a84cfaf3a6a54a7d6b101128b08e71867da3813Raymond Lee — Bug 840678 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for submissions. r=gavin
f856bcb5097fd0217b9d76b6092eda6e8ac6e761Gabriele Svelto — Bug 689256 - Record invalid PROCESS_CREATION timestamps and adjust tests to cope with them. r=glandium