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Sat Apr 26 02:50:45 2014 +0000
d75260ca4ed2cajbir — Bug 1000608 - Populate active source buffers and fix/rename ContainsTime - r=kinetik
f398aa51c65acajbir — Bug 1000608 - Implement cue-less seeking on WebM Reader - r=kinetik
a336e673aaf5cajbir — Bug 1000608 - Implement seeking on MediaSourceDecoder - r=kinetik
1e21f55bcc9dcajbir — Bug 1000608 - Allow querying source buffers to see if they contain data for a given time - r=kinetik
826e982173ddcajbir — Bug 1000608 - Allow nestegg_offset_seek to be called externally - r=kinetik
44ad5896ff61Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Make sure any released decoders are destroyed on the main thread. r=cajbir
15fe0db2ff8dMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Explicitly initialize ReadMetadata's aTags parameter to null. Also add some null deref tests. r=cajbir
81403176036eMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Fix bogus indexing of audio/video readers by ditching audio/video reader arrays and using the parent decoder directly. r=cajbir
6c69283f7713Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Delay decoder initialization by indicating that we're waiting for subdecoders to be created. r=cajbir
1eddd13262deMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Don't mix refcounting with auto ptr use. Rather than try to hang on to the reader, punch the appropriate holes through via the state machine class. r=cajbir
5fbc68a34f62Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Remove useless static_casts. r=cajbir
199c040d09f0Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Use the base video and audio queues. Currently works by shifting media data from the sub-reader queues on each decode call. Future work could allow the sub-readers to use the base queues directly. r=cajbir
c116a4499d82Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Don't pretend the entire resource is always completely cached. r=cajbir
5ea033583b20Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Temp fix: don't call mParentDecoder functions while SBD runs off decode thread. Revert when SBD runs on state machine's task queue. r=cajbir
a14f9763bf8fMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Crude attempt at segment parser for WebM. r=cajbir
cf3e31d25944Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Switch video readers on EOF. r=cajbir
59ffec98e96fMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Start processing multiple decoders. r=cajbir
18754facd070Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Add hidden pref to ignore MIME type in AddSourceBuffer and IsTypeSupported. For experimental/debugging use only. r=cajbir
f8ece490919dMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Hide MediaSourceResource implementation details from HTMLMediaElement. r=cajbir
d978fe16633aMatthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Allow a SourceBuffer to own multiple subdecoders. Switch decoders on abort(). r=cajbir
c570bcfd29b4Matthew Gregan — Bug 881512 - Add start (and rename end) time helper to TimeRanges. r=cajbir