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Thu Jun 11 02:48:35 2015 +0000
208891d8e3884b19838a495906697d0363d501a8Karl Tomlinson — bug 1172377 change RunInStableState API to receive ownership of nsIRunnable r=roc
b61b49cd8e9b3594240b1c2b007ba1e718096888Karl Tomlinson — bug 1171785 use nsContentUtils::RunInStableState() r=bholley
d71b2d0ce9940fcdd1f5a538f1954b957fdb7464Karl Tomlinson — bug 1116382 test auto-revoking behavior with URL.createObjectURL(MediaSource) r=bholley
7af729730a83ff2761cdfac063b346593bf82b37Karl Tomlinson — bug 1116382 auto revoke MediaSource object URLs r=bholley
3ecbb53da4e08c027a150e4e5a840a612411a5f4Karl Tomlinson — bug 1171785 create nsContentUtils::RunInStableState helper r=bholley
f0889dbf96949d55702b8ce3a5e0a20ec6899022Karl Tomlinson — bug 1004167 opaque back-button when not -moz-lwtheme to pixel-align clip r=mdeboer